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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Um, Child Protective Services?

Just how long is Child Protective Services going to wait before they step in and remove these kids from the clutches of this lunatic? That is what needs to happen - Here is what else needs to happen:

  1. Find the doctor who performed whatever medical procedures were performed, take his/her license away and toss him/her into the poky.
  2. Find the father of these 14 kids and start collecting child support.
  3. Get this woman into an insane asylum where she belongs.
  4. Find good homes for the entire litter.
  5. Pass a law that stipulates that there will be no such thing as an anonymous sperm donor and that whoever fathers children by "donating" sperm will be listed on the birth certificate of the child as the father, and will be financially responsible for any and all children.
  6. Pass a law forbidding doctors and other medical professionals from impregnating single women - no husband - no baby. You'll just have to get knocked up the old fashioned way.
This has gone far enough. What this woman has done is a crime against nature, humanity and sane people the world over. She is not a loving mother - she is an incredibly selfish, narcissistic parasite and what she has created is not a family, it is a freak show.



Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you've said about this woman, except to make the father pay. He was an unsuspecting sperm donor, it's not his fault that this crazy used his sperms to make 14 babies she couldnt afford.

Anonymous said...

Also, I don't think it should be illeagal for a single woman to have a child from a doner. Any rule against your body is the next step to the state controlling what we can eat, drink, read, etc. It is a slippery slope! Make a law that states beyond one you need to prove financial support for them. There are many two family households where the kids would have been better WITHOUT the dad around, belive me!

Retro Housewife said...

Nope - Father has to pay. How is it not his fault? Just how did she get his sperm? Why should I have to pay - (I, a taxpayer)?

and Nope, no artificial baby making for single women. I am more interested in the welfare of the child, and the best think for a child is to have a mother and a father.

Just because some men - as well as some women - turn out to be lousy parents, you can't condemn fatherhood/motherhood in general, or minimize its importance.

There are lousy doctors too, but I don't hear anybody wanting to do away with doctors in general.


Laurie N said...

I stumbled across your site during one of my many internet hunts and I liked it so much I added it to my blog.

I think you are spot on with this. Parenting is a big job - that's why the standard means of making a baby requires a man and a woman - parents, not parent. Just because we can mix up any number of babies in a petri dish doesn't mean we should be doing it.

Gina said...

Agreed that this is a freak show case, but this is one case of someone warping an otherwise fine system. She and the Dr are to blame. If you're going to make it illegal for single women to have children, then we need to make IVF illegal as well. If you can't (in your words) get knocked up the old fashioned way, then I shouldn't have to pay the freight through increase health care premiums.