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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ha Ha Get This! My Kid's Sick! Featuring Perky Juju

Back when I was a 2J1 working mother, I used to spend a fair amount of time commuting and driving up and down the state of California. It was while I was on these longer trips that I would listen to Dr. Laura - mostly because for some reason her show was the only thing that my radio picked up in parts of the California boonies.

I wasn't very fond of her, and at times she really pissed me off - mostly when she started ragging on 2Js (like me). At the same time, deep down, I knew she was right and that pissed me off even more. Well, suffice it to say, I have changed my mind about good old Dr. Laura and Kudos to her for getting on the radio and making types like me mad.

So this morning I tuned her in as I was making a quick run to the grocery store. Her topic was a certain perky Juju Chang of ABC and her recent video blog entry titled The Fix: Juggling a Sick Child. When I got home, I watched perky Juju discuss report on yack about the "Classic mommy dilemma" of where to dump your child when he or she has a fever.

Her options were:
  1. Give the kid some Tylenol and hope the school nurse doesn't call (hee hee)
  2. Fob the kid off on friends or relatives (hahahahah)
  3. Bring the kid to work (giggle)
  4. (D) All of the above
Her answer was (D) all of the above. She then scrunched up her eyebrows for 3.4 seconds to indicate the seriousness of this topic, quoted some idiotic statistics and that was that. Nice, light-hearted piece with lots of fancy camera action and edited down to the minimum to demonstrate how faced paced perky Juju's life is, and just how gosh darn important she is.

The thing is, perky Juju is just that important! But not to me, and probably not to 99.99999% of America. The only person in the world that measures her importance as highly as she does is that little boy in the video. To him, she is everything.

So it hurts a bit to watch her asking her son to "cough for the camera" although I guess I should be grateful his ailment isn't accompanied by projectile vomiting. And I kind of resent perky Juju's co-conspiratorial tone about "the other mothers complaining" when she sends her sick child to school to infect the other kids - so that she won't be hindered in the pursuit of her career.

What a crock. Make no mistake, this is not a Mommy issue. This is an ego issue. Perky Juju is telling you that she doesn't mind imposing on others when the need arises - that she is more important than you, while trying to pass it off as some higher-cause "feminist" issue. Perky Juju is just plain selfish. Notice she didn't even mention forking over some of her busy, career woman dough to hire a sitter or a nanny.

I call BS, perky Juju.


1 (2J = Job + Job, I am hereby doing away with "working mother" meaning working outside the home, because as any mother can tell you, raising kids and looking after a family is a full time job - I am open to suggestions on the 2J thing)

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K.H. said...

When I saw the special advertising section, I laughed out loud.