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Monday, March 23, 2009

Retro Housewife Survival Guide - Quality vs. Quantity

Should you pay a little or even a lot extra to get quality? It depends on how much you use the item in question, whether there are costs associated with the use item, how much replacement vs. repair costs and how long you plan on keeping the item.

I have a little story about 2 dishwashers, both made by GE or General Electric, one around 2003 and the other around 1983. So about 20 years apart. The new GE dishwasher came with our new house and is the biggest hunk of junk on the planet. It cleans nothing unless it is washed beforehand and started falling apart the first year we moved in. The top rack wheels fell off, so the rack sags and has to be lifted and pulled out to load it. The rubber seals are cracking and falling off and if there is any food left on the dishes it gets caught in the screen and sits there. I hate this dishwasher. It wastes water due to the fact that all dishes must first be rinsed completely, and I am constantly running around telling my family members to SOAK THEIR DISHES!

Now the 1983 GE dishwasher is a powerhouse. It came with our cabin in the mountains and I verified that it was in fact the original dishwasher, and was built in in 1983. First, there is the obvious fact that the dishwasher is still working 26 years later - in a house that served the previous owners as a rental unit - (think groups of gung-ho skier types using the dishwasher for 26 years). Second, it actually cleans dishes and without washing them before they get loaded into the dishwasher. It is a power hog, but I don't care - it gets the job done and can deal with disposing of food remains on its own, so that when I open the dishwasher after a cycle, both the dishes and the dishwasher are spanking clean. I love my 1983 GE dishwasher.

Back then, it probably cost a lot more compared to what my 2003 dishwasher did today- there were simply no cheap appliances. But, they were intended to last, and last they did. My 2003 dishwasher needs to be replaced - and will be as soon as we can afford to buy a decent dishwasher. I want a Miele or a Bosch. These days, it doesn't come into my house if it isn't German. They cost more, but they are built like they used to be built in America. I had a Miele when I lived in Munich (a skinny little thing) but it was quiet and it cleaned dishes. Good qualities in a dishwasher.

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