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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Retro Housewife Survival Guide - Saving Money and Making Do.

We have about $100 in our checking account right now. In fact, we usually only have about that much once the bills are paid. I still have 6 credit cards on my list, that I am working on. The next card to go will be Chase. There is less than $200 on that card now and I have decided to pay them off in $20 increments. That is my own personal brand of revenge for charging 29% interest. I figure it'll cost them a few cents here and there to send themselves a check every time I send them $20.00.

I could kick myself for racking up the debt - I know better than that - but I did it anyway. Spilled milk. Just going to pay it off.

I buy everything with coupons now - I remember seeing a report on TV or maybe I read it somewhere - about a woman who is so good at using coupons she often walks away without paying anything. (Legally - she's not stealing) I still haven't figured out how that is possible - paying much less, that I see - but the coupons I get are always $1 off this or 2 for one - but you still have to pay something!

Oops - there are the coyotes! Boy do they make a racket - and sound pretty scary, too. Maybe we'll go chase them later. Hey - It's FREE!

Daily Coupons
  1. Grocery coupons: "Delivering quality meat, seafood and produce right to your door!" Shop today and save $12.95. This is for free delivery - but it is free to sign up and then you can print in-store coupons. They make you install a piece of software that makes it so you can only print to a printer - not to a file etc. But I installed it and it seems harmless enough.
  2. Chill Out at Home Spend $25 or more on participating frozen food items in a single transaction and get a $10 reward. Valid until 3/31 Examples of items valid for this offer: Hawaiis Own Passion Fruit Orange Juice - 12 Fl. Oz. club price: 10 for $10 - seems like a deal + lots of club pricing on Frozen Pasta+Safeway Calcium Enriched Orange Juice Safeway Calcium Enriched Orange Juice - 12 Fl. Oz. 2 for $4.00 and 16 oz 2 for $5.00Dreyer's Ice Cream 2 for 1.
  3. Here's a good one: Dreyer's Ice Cream 2 for 1! Safeway Club Price: BUY ONE GET ONE FREE (offer valid for deliveries on or before - 03-31-2009) - add 2 for offer
  4. Printable coupons this week: SAVE $.50 Challenge Dairy, SAVE $1.00 Kellogg's, SAVE $.35 Pillsbury, SAVE $.50 La Victoria, Save $1.00 V8, $1.00 OFF Safeway Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts, 4 lb. Package with Card & Coupon., $3.00 OFF waterfront BISTRO™ Colossal Sea Scallops, 24 oz. with Card & Coupon.
  5. Kmart CouponHere's a Kmart Coupon Code: Kmart Welcome Coupon Code $5 off $50 Online Coupon code KWELCOME628 Ends 4/18 (I think the little blue guy Kmart has on that ad is cute.)
  6. Kohls: Free Shipping when you spend $100 I like shopping at kohls - have found some great stuff - especially for the kids and around the home. Must buy when they have a free shipping offer, though!
  7. Skechers: (Shoes kids like - teen type kids) Get 40% off select SKECHERS boots and more click and use the coupon code SALE40!
  8. Finally, Lands End Free Shipping coupon code: Enter the Promotion Code APR14 and the PIN 00009432 in the space provided. ends 4/14/09


janine said...

I don't know either, how people walk away with free stuff using coupons.

I have a friend who is constantly on the scope out here for coupons and deals. Occasionally she will tell me about something she got free. But, I'll let you in on a little secret (which you probably knew or could have guessed) friend really doesn't get an item for free using a coupon. Instead, she will get X amount off an item and then get a couple of dollar-off coupons that print out for the next purchase. I guess that's how she considers getting the item for 'free'---in a roundabout way.

But still, I know what you mean---there are times people do actually get some items free, using a coupon. I've never been that lucky!

champagnejayne said...

ECh. I know what you mean by a "dwindling bank account". I got laid off my job a month ago. ( No interview as of yet) and I am starting a new business making dresses and pants from vintage patterns ( Thanks for the sewing lessons, Grandma and Mom!) So VERY little money to go around. I go to Smart & Final here in Southern California. You can save a lot of money there or at Trader Joe's. ( Just be sure to freeze the bread you can't use in 2 days.)
Also, I know that Ralph's & Kroger ( east coast)still honor double coupons.

Retro Housewife said...

Be sure and send me the info on your new business and I will put it on the site - website url, too if/when you have one.