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Thursday, April 23, 2009

CNN and Southern Poverty Law Center Discover That Breaking The Law Puts You In Danger Of Getting Caught

CNN reports that some geniuses calling themselves The Southern Poverty Law Center have conducted a study that shows that if you break the law, you are in danger of getting caught. Furthermore, as per the study, those wishing to evade law enforcement can find themselves in an awkward position, if not even a real pickle as they may be blackmailed by others who would turn them in.

And if that is not shocking enough, it seems that there may be some resentment on the part of law-abiding citizens towards those who break the law with impunity. `This despicable practice of expecting people to respect the law is called "discrimination" and The Southern Poverty Law Center wants it to stop. And everybody in the South is a racist.

They know that the South is full of racists because they asked a bunch of illegal aliens to report all of the mean things that people have done to them as they try not to get caught for breaking the law.

As everybody knows, a great way to conduct a study is to ask people to tell you things they know you want to hear. Even better is to ask people about rumours they have heard about misdeeds of those responsible for enforcing the law, by no means require any evidence of such misdeeds, and then present the results as fact.

Reading about this study on CNN did cause me to draw one important conclusion: CNN has absolutely no journalistic standards and should not be permitted to call themselves a news agency.

Oh and by the way, there have been reports of CNN reporters dressing up as policemen and harassing people of Mexican origin. I have also heard that CNN reporters never change their underwear.


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Princess Freckles said...

Wow. This is why I only watch FOX News ( or E! News, yes I'll admit it!). :)

Vamp said...

Actually, I'd be more concerned about the people who wasted money on a study in which any 5 year old could provide the results. I don't actually watch CNN (or any other 24 hour news channel), but I would suspect that any 24 hour news channel anywhere in the world of any kind of bias would have some seriously questionable journalism happening in order to fill the 24 hour schedule.