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Friday, April 24, 2009


What the Heck is Swine Flu? A chronicle of a pandemic? false alarm? As it unfolds. Learn more about the Flu and Preventatives. From Sears: Protect yourself, family and employees from Swine Flu with Hand Sanitizers! Shop over 40 varieties!

  1. From Air France Website: Information to passengers traveling to and from Mexico / Information to passengers travelling from Mexico to Singapore as final destination

    Situation in Mexico Due to the current situation in Mexico, Air France has set up specific commercial instructions for customers holding an Air France ticket who wish to postpone or to modify their journey. If you are due to travel to Mexico before May 31st, you may rebook to travel either on another date in the future until October 31st, or to an alternative Air France or KLM destination. For further information, you are invited to contact your local Air France office or your travel agent.

    Passengers travelling from Mexico to Singapore as final destination.

    Due to A H1N1 influenza, Singapore authorities require a seven day quarantine for all passengers who stayed in Mexico within the seven days preceding their journey to Singapore as final destination. This decision does not apply to passengers connecting in Singapore. Air France has set up commercial instructions allowing to postpone your journey or to modify your destination until October 31st, 2009. For further information, you are invited to contact your local Air France ticket office or to your travel agent. Wednesday 05/06/2009 21:50:29 TU

  2. Breaking News AP: State health officials have confirmed the first death of a Texas resident with swine flu.

  3. Breaking News Nueces County, Texas officials are reporting 574 suspected swine flu cases; Illinois state confirms a total of 82 swine flu cases. 5/5

  4. Breaking News Officials believe the pigs were infected by a Canadian farm worker who got sick after visiting Mexico, AP reports. The pigs are recovering. 5/2

  5. Breaking News WHO official says there is no evidence of sustained community spread of swine flu outside North America; pandemic alert remains at level 5. 5/2

  6. Breaking News A Japanese 25-year-old woman has tested positive for swine flu; she arrived back in Japan on a Northwest Airlines flight from L.A - Kyoto. 4/30 9:00 PST

  7. Breaking News Reuters: European Union Commission says it can expect deaths from the Swine flu in Europe soon.


  9. Breaking News Reuters: Ecuador to restrict charter flights to and from Mexico on swine flu fears.

  10. Breaking News: With now 16 confirmed swine flu cases and others suspected, Texas Governor Rick Perry has declared a disaster proclamation.

  11. Breaking News AP: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirms 1 swine flu case in Arizona. News Article

  12. Breaking News Reuters: Spanish Health Ministry confirms case of swine flu in person who did not travel to Mexico.

  13. Breaking News AFP: Ten confirmed cases of swine flu in Spain, officials say. Also follow @mpoppel for live updates from the WHO news conference.

  14. Breaking News The World Health Organization says it is moving closer to a phase 5 alert, which would mean a pandemic, but not there yet.

  15. Breaking News The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) tells BNO News they condemn Egypt's decision to slaughter all pigs in the country.

  16. Breaking News AP: Source say 2 siblings in Lowell, Mass., positive for swine flu after Mexico trip. AP Item

  17. Breaking News A Marine at a San Bernardino County base in California may have the swine flu, according to the commandant of the Marine Corps.

  18. Breaking News AFP: Ten confirmed cases of swine flu in Spain, officials say. Also follow @mpoppel for live updates from the WHO news conference.

  19. From the School District: "If your child is absent from school with a sudden onset of a fever of 101.5 degrees (or feels hot) AND also has one of the following symptoms: cough, sore throat, muscle ache, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea, please notify the school. You may receive a follow up call for more information."

  20. Breaking News Reuters: Swine flu in Mexico: 159 deaths. 7 swine flu cases confirmed by lab. 2,498 possible cases with around 1,300 still in hospitals.

  21. Breaking News Reuters: The Los Angeles County coroner says the deaths they are investigating are not related to the swine flu epidemic.

  22. Breaking News Reuters: The Los Angeles Coroner will hold a news conference at 1.30 p.m. local time to discuss two possible swine flu deaths.

  23. Breaking News Reuters: Officials confirm 2 more swine flu cases at St. Mel school in Fair Oaks, California, bringing the total cases in the state to 13. 4/27 8:47

  24. California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has activated the Joint Emergency Operations Center of the Department of Public Health.

  25. The San Diego County Health And Human Services asks people who feel sick to stay home, urges sick people not to go to school or travel.

  26. Breaking News Reuters U.S. State Department urges Americans to avoid 'non-essential' travel to Mexico after swine flu caused 149 deaths there. Unfortunately for us dumb schmucks here in California, Mexico is busy visiting us. This is where political correctness can turn deadly. 4/27
  27. Breaking News Reuters: British Foreign Office advises against all but essential travel to Mexico.
  28. Breaking News Reuters: The French foreign ministry said it was strongly advising against going to Mexico without an "imperative reason".

Winnie the Pooh And Piglet Comic About Swine Flu
Poor Piglet!


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Mrs G said...

Swine flu has killed 30 people in Mexico, and symptoms have shown up in several places in the US. Every year they talk about a pandemic, and now they are talking about it again as they talk about swine flu. However, if we believed them (whoever they are) everytime they came out with something like this we'd never leave our homes again.