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Thursday, April 09, 2009

In Praise Of Husbands and Men In General

Dr. Laura has been promoting her book, "In Praise Of Stay-At-Home-Moms" all week and she made a comment today that got me thinking. Her comment was that Dads should read her book, too, especially if they have mixed feelings about their wives quitting their money-earning jobs to stay home with the kids.

I am wondering whether men are feeling a little bit perplexed at the growing number of women who are ditching the office job in favor of an apron and baby spew. I can imagine some are rolling their eyes (just remember - woman's prerogative to change her mind...), some are happy that their wives have come to their senses, and I can also imagine some men are just a little bit peeved.

It has not been easy for the stronger sex over the past few decades. Women have accused them of being positively beastly humans, and men are always the scapegoat for every little thing that goes wrong in society. I can imagine that after working at some job one's entire life, whether one wants to or not, providing for a family, it must seem pretty ungrateful and down right unfair to have women claim oppression and start hurling insults like some used to hurl dishes. For the life of me, I will never understand why or how you men put up with this. Women are lucky men still even talk to them.

Not that there wasn't real injustice, or that all men were perfect, but it was unfair to blame an entire gender for society's ills -after all - men didn't have much of a choice either as to their role in society. Just because some disgruntled females looked across the fence and saw only greener grass, thereby deciding that everything male was better, doesn't really justify the venom with which women set about trying to become men. But then the so-called womens' movement was started by the same people who turned policemen into "pigs" because they didn't want to get sent to Vietnam.

Anyway, for those who stuck around and still put up with us, thank you. Perhaps next time we find things not to our liking, we can approach the matter with a little more tact.


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Jennifer said...

Very good post, I've been saying this for years! Though not of 'that' generation, it seems to me mine is suffering (and perhaps getting wise to) the results of their actions and often ridiculous assertions. Men deserve our appreciation.

Retro Housewife said...

OK I am sorry, I know I shouldn't take things out on an entire generation, but sometimes I just can't help myself.

I think I got peeved back in the 1990s when Boomers called my generation "Slackers" and claimed we weren't interested in anything but... I forget what we were supposed to be obsessed with. I have some very good Boomer friends, and I know they can be OK, as long as you never disagree with them.