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Friday, April 24, 2009

Retro Housewife Survival Guide - Don't Have A Cow

This morning I woke up thinking about bills and how they are starting to turn pink again. And I mentioned to hubby that maybe he could not eat out so much at lunch time. This started to turn into somewhat of a fiasco and I sensed that we were in for a romping argument. So I said:

"Don't have a cow! I wasn't criticizing or blaming you"

and he said:

"I am not having a cow"

and I said:

"You're having a little cow"

and then he started laughing and hugged me and we spent the next few minutes giggling. Then, I softened my tone, explained how I knew it sucks not to be able to trot of to lunch at will, but just please a few more weeks and then we'll be golden.

He agreed!

Don't Have A Cow!.... Who Knew?


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Does anyone know whether I can use Trader Joe's pancake mix instead of flour for oatmeal cookies? I forgot to buy white flour so I have whole wheat or pancake mix - you know the all purpose stuff... Update: I went ahead and used the mix, but left out the baking powder and extra salt - and my cookies turned out fine!

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