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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Retro Housewife Survival Guide - Saving Money

I think a lot about saving these days. Having just gotten back from a 20 hour round-trip drive to Lake Tahoe, my mind was on conserving gas. Unable to turn my spacious gas guzzler into a Hybrid, or a Fiat Bambini (got those in Europe - they're about the size of a shoebox), I resorted to more mundane measures, such as:
  1. Driving at or slightly below the speed limit instead of my usual 80 mph. (This also allows you to save on speeding tickets, insurance costs and blood pressure medicine.)

  2. Checking the air in my tires, and putting some lovely new air into them upon discovering that they were at "3" instead of "4" where they should be. Now that the election is over, I feel safe discussing the benefits of properly inflated tires without raising too much ire. Anyway - it does save gas - if you don't believe me, let half of the air out of your bicycle tires and then ride around the block a few times. Then pump up your tires and do it again. If riding around on flat tires made it harder for you to pedal, then you will need to use more energy to go the same distance. SEE?

  3. This one didn't apply to my trip because I have a gas cap - but I just happened to read that: "147 million gallons of gas are lost due to damaged or loose gas cap every year" - I guess it must evaporate? Make sure your gas cap is on and fits snugly.

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