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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

1924 The Thrifty Housewife - 10 A.M : Panel 4

A telephone will always be found in the home of a thrifty housewife, and if it is a large home you will find an extension phone. She will tell you that this saves her many steps during the day.

If the necessity arises during the night that you must make a phone call or answer one, an extension phone will save you a trip downstairs. It costs only a few cents a day - just telephone for one.

Long distance also is a wonderful convenience. In a few minutes an invitation can be delivered to someone miles away and a guest will attend a party who could not have been reached in time without the telephone.

So, All you thrifty housewives out there, there are really some very good reasons for you to consider getting a telephone, and possibly even a telephone extension! Oh if they could see us now!

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