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Thursday, May 21, 2009

1924 The Thrifty Housewife - How Do You Measure Up? Panel 1

I don't usually spend much time in the 1920s or 1930s, but this came up in a search and I liked it so much I thought - what the hay? It takes up an entire newspaper page so I am chopping it up in panels - It's called "A Day With The Thrifty Housewife" and it is from 1924.
How does she do it? In these hurrying, busy modern days that are brimfull of duties, plans, and continuous demands of work and pleasure, how does the thrifty housewife manage to run a modern household and yet have time, money and energy left for kindness, service and courtesy outside the home?

Go round the clock with the thrifty housewife today and see for yourself how she does it. The whole secret of the thrifty housewife's magic is given away on this page today. Lincoln firms have given very practical ideas that will interest every housewife who wants to be a thrifty housewife.

7:00 AM
Up at 7 and hot water for her bath at 7:10
That is one of the advantages of having gas in the home

A thrifty housewife knows all the convenience of gas and its quick, clean and ordorless heat.

The men of today do not read or work by the light of an oil lamp.
Why should their wives have to depend upon a hot-coal range, or a smoky, smelly oil stove.

Call and have a chat with the gas man.
He will explain how convenient and inexpensive gas stoves or heaters can be installed in your home.

Electric Appliances for the Thrifty Housewife

Fans Curling Irons
Vacuum Cleaners Percolators
Grills Irons
Washing Machines

Panel 2 Tomorrow..


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