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Thursday, May 28, 2009

California Budget Scam - Pay Up Carlos Slim - And Ban The Teacher's Union!

Mea Culpa. I must confess I voted for Schwarzenegger. I heard on the radio that he is talking about cutting programs like CalWorks and medical assistance to the disabled. This makes me so angry I want to personally run him out of the state.

Of all the cynical, low, disgusting scare tactics I have heard, this takes the cake. The CalWorks program, for example, is an assistance program that is only available to US citizens. It also rewards those who work but still can't make ends meet.

CalWorks has a budget of about $1.2 billion. That money goes to US citizens. I don't mind paying for that. Compare that to the entire Dept. of Health and Human Services budget of $29,800,607,000. That's almost $30 billion. As anybody knows who has had to visit an emergency room in California, there are no such protections for the remainder of the spending. We are being bankrupted by Mexico.

California's biggest expense, however, is the K-12 education system. We spent $41,144,462,000 - that's BILLION on K-12 education or the so-called public school system. It is a garbage system. How many of Mexico's children are California taxpayers paying to educate? How long are we going to tolerate being taken to the cleaners? You do realize that there is a point where California just can't afford it any more - no matter how many of those stupid teachers "protest" being laid off. There is a point of no return where California just becomes Mexico. I think we are at that point.

Although I have lived here all my life, I am now, for the first time, considering leaving California. I know plenty of people who have already done so - people who paid more into the system than they took out.

We were invaded while we slept - and now I think it might be too late for California. If the Federal Government passes an amnesty, we are lost.

To fix this, we must
  1. Abolish the teachers' union; remove it completely from our school system. Their main goal is to grab money and power - not educate children. They are working a numbers racket - the more children - domestic or imported - the more money they are able to steal. They use that money to buy politicians. We must demand that only NON-UNION teachers and adminstrators be employed by public schools.

  2. Come down hard on businesses who employ illegal aliens. Huge fines and jail time. Why should California taxpayers subsidize sleaze-bag "businesses"? - if they can't make a profit without breaking the law, I DON'T CARE!

  3. Continue to provide emergency services and medical care as we currently do, with the exception that we will determine the patient's country of citizenship or legal residency, and then present that country's governenment with the bill - which can either be paid or subtracted from any aid our government gives them. OR, Better yet, they can impose a special "Billionaire tax" (Was it 12 billionaires for Mexico???) on their own citizens to come up with the money. Why are we penalizing rich and successful Californians when these scumbags get off scott free?
If you notice, my suggestions do not include letting poor, immigrant Mexicans die in the street, or ripping their children out of the classroom. They are just as much victims of circumstance as are the citizens of California. The reason the situation in this state has come to this is not because poor Mexicans come stateside. The reason is because certain people are getting filthy rich, and others are getting filthy powerful and benefit greatly when poor Mexicans come stateside. This is not going to change until we remove the incentives and take away their power.

Open your eyes! Abolish the teacher's union and hold Mexico accountable!


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