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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Fire Season In Santa Barbara Starts Early - Jesusita Fire

Jesusita Fire, Going On Right Now In A Location Near Me!
It seems to me that I am experiencing a serious case of deja vu. This fire has been named the Jesusita Fire. Sec - I know I have seen this before somehow...

I was right! This picture was taken from almost the same place as one I took last year of the TEA FIRE in November! It hasn't even been ONE YEAR!

Tea Fire, Same Place, November 2008!
I think I jiggled the camera - no tripod - =(

View Jesuita Fire in a larger map


phylis said...

Bula. this is Phylis Gandy currently living in Fiji. used to work in outdoor ed.for S.B.Co... have friends on Foothill drive. close to 154.. can't get ahold of them .. are they evacuated.. also.. could not make out your map for areas that were mandatory.. evacs.. stay safe. thanks for your help.

Retro Housewife said...

They are most certainly evacuated. I arrived in SB last night around midnight to try to convince my parents who live up off of N. Patterson to leave - We could see flames from their house. The sheriff was in the process of bull horning the neighborhood with warnings that the residents might have to evacuate at any time.

We are 3 Freeway stops from 154 - or "New" San Marcos Pass. As of last night they had made a stand at San Roque bridge and had stopped the fire from crossing Foothill. But it was traveling along the foothills - what I consider to be North and South. If they are on the mountain side of Foothill - they could have burned - ocean side - should be OK.


Su said...

It's been a nightmare here, but thankfully, getting better by the moment!