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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

On Boring Housewifery

I don't know how many emails I have received from housewives who tell me about the comments made to them by some women upon learning they are a housewife.

"Aren't you bored?"

"I would be sooooo bored if I didn't work"

"We are liberated now, you don't have to do that"
Silence and the polite smile or shocked stare
Well, I was mulling this over this morning and then I tried to remember the last time I was bored. I had to go back quite some time - to when I had one of those "exciting" jobs in an office to come up with an example.

As I remember it, I was constantly bored. I couldn't wait until lunch and then I couldn't wait until 5:00 - and boy did those hours, minutes and seconds tick by slowly. Granted I have had jobs that were more challenging and interesting where I didn't watch the clock - but there was a period every single day - sometimes an hour sometimes just 5 minutes when I was genuinely bored.

I almost feel nostalgic about boredom.

I have not been bored for one single second since I became a housewife. Stressed out, overworked, spread too thin - absolutely - but not bored. I am always playing catch-up with cleaning, laundry, shopping, organizing, bill paying etc. so were I to have some extra time on my hands, I would know exactly what to do with it.

Then there are the fun projects I get to take on - like working on my website, or working on the prom committee, helping my kids out with their various activities - or taking our dogs for a walk and watching them try to outsmart me so they can run off (only works 50% of the time...), or seeing the proud looks on their furry faces when they come trotting out of the field with a mangled, dead gopher dangling from their mouths, or trying to outrun same dogs as they try to present me with same mangled dead gopher. Or grabbing my camera and heading off to photograph the ordinary and sometimes the extraordinary, or reading up on things - I could go on for hours.

I feel sorry for my husband who has to get up every morning and drive off to work to do much the same as he did yesterday and the day before that. I try not to rub it in or go on and on about how much I love being a housewife - but if you really want to know the truth - I've got the best gig in town!


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1 comment:

Meg Bennett said...

I really liked this blog- I agree. I work part time (3 days a week) and get so much grief about not working more. We don't need the money (though who couldn't always use more?) and when I'm there all I think about is the stuff I could be doing at home- laundry, baking something for my hunny, cleaning, organizing something, etc. etc.- Like you said I watch the clock so bored just waiting to get back to life, my chosen life. I wish that the women who choose to work would stop and understand I choose to be home. Good entry- thanks for sharing.