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Friday, June 05, 2009

The Last Gasp Of White America - Brought To You By La Raza

Back in the fall of 2007 I went to hear a guy named Barack Obama speak at the Santa Barbara City College. I liked what he had to say, and was very impressed by him. I donated money to his campaign, and voted for him.

I am vaguely aware that the nasty name calling, polarized accusation mill is still churning, I hear both left and right say horrendous things about the other, but I figure none of that will stop until the Boomers are gone. That's all they know and to expect anything else from the generation that called policemen "pigs" and drafted US soldiers "baby killers" would be dumb.

But I do have to object to this Sotomayor lady getting onto the Supreme Court. I don't want a "Latina" on the Supreme Court, I want an American. I don't care what color he or she is, or where her or his ancestors came from.

I do care, very much about who the nominee regards as his or her "people".

There is only one response I want to hear coming out of a nominee's mouth and if it isn't "American" then they have no business being there.

I understand that a person is a product of their upbringing and experience, but for over 200 years we have all managed to reconcile where we came from with our new lives as Americans, and with few exceptions, we are all first and foremost Americans.

I think this woman is an insult to this country. She describes herself as a Latina. She is a member of La Raza - which means "The Race" - despite the blatant, absolutely ridicoulous lie on their website which tries to tell you La Raza means "The People". I looked it up in a Spanish/English dictionary and it doesn't even come close to meaning the people. I asked a Chilean friend of mine and he also confirmed the meaning and added "in the street it's a racist thing". So a possible Supreme Court justice is willing to belong to an organization that lies about the meaning of a word? Oh and then there is this:

The spirit and force of La Raza Unida was truly embodied in Texas under the leadership of Jose Angel Gutierrez, a student and [the] President of the Mexican American Youth Organization." Gutierrez, an open borders advocate who founded La Raza Unida, has stated, "We have an aging white America ... They are dying. ... They are sh---ing in their pants with fear! I love it! ... We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him."

To be honest, I think that is far beyond racist. It is a direct threat to all of us "Gringos".

And to all of you who think I am exagerating and making a big deal out of nothing, watch the video. Listen to what is said by Villaregosa - the current Mayor of Los Angeles. The mayor of a major US city discussing how any politician opposing mass immigration from Mexico has no business being in office.

Look, do we believe that racisim is bad or don't we? If that is what we as a country believe, then it either applies to all - meaning Gringo and Redneck are taboo, singling out white males as punching bags is over and you stand up and speak out against racisit behavior even if it is one of your own.

Otherwise, I am starting a group of my own called "Whites for Rights". Don't worry, it won't be racist - see - I've alread worked out our mission statement:

"Whites for Rights" will be a White civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States. Whites for Rights will become an American institution committed to strengthening this great nation by promoting the advancement of White families. Our mission is to create opportunities and open the door to the American Dream for White and other families.



Anonymous said...

this is what we're all thinking, and only a few are saying. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

This isn't what 'we' are *all* saying. I am Latina, born in the US, and proud of my heritage and my ancestry.

Retro Housewife said...

The point is, Ms. Latina, that you are not the only one with a heritage and an ancestry.

For example, I am Slavic, but I don't run around waiving the flag of my ancestors, nor did my immigrant parent and grandparents insist on having everything written in their native language or identify themselves as anything but American.

They waited in a very long line and came here legally and once here, Anglicized their surname so as to better fit in.

They never "demanded" anything and set about starting over from nothing in life in their mid-40s - not speaking a word of English - rather - speaking a language which doesn't even have the same alphabet.

That attitude is one which as been shared by countless other immigrants from all over the world - and is the reason this country has lasted and prospered.

United States Of America comes first - and at a far distant second - comes whichever sorry, blighted piece of dirt we escaped from.

So get with the program or go home. If it was good enough for the rest of us, it should be good enough for you.