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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Is My Daughter Awesome, Or What?

Excuse the shameless bragging, or don't - But I am one proud mother - and this is really quite an accomplishment. We got my daughter's AP exam results back today and they are really, really good. Brag, Brag, Brag. The AP exam is scored from 1 - 5 (3 is a passing score) and 5 is the highest.

In comparison, yours truly took the AP English exam back when I was a senior in high school - the only AP exam I took - and I got a 3. Even that was a struggle. I had the best English teacher in the world, Miss Blue. At the beginning of the year my writing was a hopeless mess, and I could never get more than a "C" on a paper. I wrote, re-wrote and cursed the pencil and paper I was writing with. (We didn't have word processors back then - and interestingly enough, my writing improved substantially once I could back-space and delete with abandon. ) After an entire year of pain and suffering, I managed to pull together enough decent sentences on the adventures of Heathcliff and Catherine to get my "3".

I wonder if my little girl is some sort of brainiac, or whether the test results can be attributed to the expensive private boarding school she attended. I think I shall go with the latter - for two reasons - First, I feel better about being broke because the money was well spent and second, I am not ready to admit my daughter is smarter than I am. I will never win an argument with her again.


PS. Miss Blue who was by far the best teacher I ever had, was eventually laid off during a time of spending cuts. She didn't have "seniority". I had another English teacher at about the same time who did have seniority, and is probably boring students still, with her straight-out-of-the-Cliff-notes lessons on The Red Badge Of Courage. Miss Blue opened up the world of literature to me, and I will always be grateful to her for that. In return, I will do my best to fight the Teachers' Unions who are responsible for destroying public education and driving talented young teachers out of the teaching profession and, in Miss Blue's case, into the legal profession. Or to private schools like the one my daughter went to.

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