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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Goin' To A Town Hall Meeting

I am having a beast of a time getting ready to attend my local town-hall meeting! Just when I have my outfit all put together, those town-hall fashonistas find a hot new designer and suddenly my hard sought choices seem very last season.

For example, I had settled on a very tasteful combination of Mao and Vlad, accessorized by Joe, when I find out that everybody is now wearing Swastika! Now where am I going to find Swastika this late in the game? Nordstrom doesn't seem to carry Swastika, and even YOOX, which can usually be counted on to have the avant-gardiest of the avant garde designers seems to be out of stock!Yoox Fashion Designer Directory

Just what is a fashion conscious girl supposed to do? I can't possibly show up wearing last season what with all the cameras recording every detail of every outfit in attendance - a big fashion faux pas and they might ban me at Saks altogether! Then what would I do?

At least I found the perfect footwear - a pair of MOMA Combat Boots
which I found at yoox while looking for "Swastika" - so at least that wasn't a total waste of time! They're even on sale!

Mao Hat From Fashion Designer Mao
Fashion Designer Vlad
Fashion Designer Joe
Moma Combat Boots at


Nancy Pelosi video on how people who show up to protest at town-hall meetings are wearing swastikas.


The Glamorous Housewife said...

Why would you wear a swastika to a town hall meeting? I don't get it.

Retro Housewife said...

Such claim was made by Nancy Pelosi - see video link of her saying it. Here is another interesting link:

Pelosi Was Right: Healthcare Reform Opponents Displayed Swastikas

It is only once you read the article that they say that it was a swastika with the red slash through it - i.e. NO Swastikas.

I always thought the right was exaggerating when they talk about media bias, but I am starting to believe them.

When I watched the Pelosi video, I took from it that skin heads or something were showing up to the meetings - such is her implication.

If Ms. Pelosi wanted to correctly describe the use of Swastikas, she would have phrased it as: "Those On the right are calling us fascists".

I have said it before and I will say it again. That woman is dangerous and should be removed from office. There is enough animosity out there without the Speaker of the House throwing gasoline on the fire.


Princess Freckles said...

You are sooo right, Nancy Pelosi is seriously dangerous! I am so glad that you're going to the meeting. I am going to try to join in a "stand in" in front of my reps office. I hope I can make it in time on friday. its from 4-6 and I work until5 across town.