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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Moral Bankruptcy II

I am disgusted by all you so-called patriots who cheered upon learning that Chicago didn't get the Olympic Games. Our President and his wife go to Copenhagen to try and bring the games to the USA and you revel in our failure?

You don't have to agree with President Obama on anything, you can fight him step for step on the issues if you think he is wrong -that is what democracy is about. I laud your efforts and probably agree with you on many issues.

But what I am seeing and hearing out there makes me sick. It may not fit the legal definition of treason, but it is certainly treason of the heart and mind. Congratulations. You have now sunk to the level of Nancy Pelosi.

When I hear Rush Bimbo say that he wants Obama to fail, I think "Goddamn Boomers can't act responsibly or reasonably to save their own necks and I'll be damned if they're not going to try and drag the rest of us with them."

And that, my friends is what is at the heart of this country's problems. The egotistical, naval contemplating, self centered, tunnel vision Baby Boomer. Everything has to be one extreme or another; from the left they bleat racist, sexist, hate crime, hate speech, hate broccoli and from the right everybody's a socialist.

Only in Boomerland could a radio talk-show host publicly wish for our elected President to fail and not be run off the airwaves with pitchforks to his backside.

The Boomer left has elevated whining to an art form; and has developed a singular hatred of the proletarian, which, my darling budding pinko commies out there in commies are cool cafe-land, is the left's bread and butter, meat and potatoes, main squeeze. Joe six-pack's your guy - not Gianni Versace.

The Boomer right is just as fanatical and nutty. Put Boomer Left and Boomer Right together and you can be certain that nothing useful will come out of it. We will be forced to hang up a few of their scribbles on the fridge, and act as though Van Gogh himself would be put to shame.

But don't let the Boomers take away your love of country and respect for the office of the President.

I stand behind my President - be it Bush or Obama in all things concerning foreigners. That is the ONLY ACCEPTABLE WAY TO BEHAVE.

Don't let me catch you behaving otherwise!


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housewifeish said...

The problem is our president wasted a ton of money when our economy is hurting. The games would have brought little to no gain to our economy. On top of that, it shows that Obama is a bit of a hypocrit. He goes on and on about the environment but how hurtful was the two unneeded and unprecendented plane trips?

Retro Housewife said...

Well, I don't know what to say. I don't think complaining about the President of the United States flying in a plane to Denmark for this purpose makes him a hypocrite.

I think it was a generous thing to do. My President was snubbed and I don't like that. I am sure I will have better things to do than watch the Olympics for the next 20 years or so. Phooey on the rest of the world. Phooey.

On a serious note, a friend of mine told me about a conversation he had had this morning with a friend of who lives in Chicago.

My friend said his Chicago friend, who works in construction, sounded really down when asked about the IOC decision. His Chicago friend went on to say that construction workers [in Chicago] are all out of work and they were really hoping that getting the Olympics would bring jobs.

So there you go. No politics, no rhetoric, just a man on the phone sounding down because he and others like him need a job, and that little glimmer of hope has just been snuffed out.

I don't know what the hell is wrong with these people, but I hope to God that I never become such a cruel, heartless, sorry excuse for a human being that I would celebrate at something like that.

Don't jump on the bandwagon, dear. You have got to know that this is not right. Have the courage to say so.


housewifeish said...

The problem is, they would not be lasting jobs. They would be very, very temporary. On top of that, Chicago is SO corrupt that I truly doubt most honest working people would have really had any benefit to the Olympics. Perhaps if it were in a less corrupt city it could have helped some, but not in Chicago.

Retro Housewife said...

What evidence do you have that Chicago is so corrupt? I am asking - I don't know much about Chicago.

I can't speak for the people of Chicago, but after the dot com crash in 1999, I was out of a job for a year, and ANY work - short term or not would have been welcome.

I finally moved out of the valley and temped while building up a home based business - which doesn't make me rich, but allows me to contribute to the family income while taking care of the family.

Point is, that temporary income helped me through a tough time - because those bills just kept coming and my creditors still wanted their money.

I don't do welfare, so I was thankful for the $15/hr temp jobs.