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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Moral Bankruptcy

Dear Swiss people, Thank you for arresting Roman Polanski.

To all you sick, perverted, sadistic bastards who have signed this horrendous petition, how about y'all subject yourselves to similar treatment? I am sure that can be arranged. Then, we can discuss the artistic merits of your rapist, and who knows? Maybe you will be inspired to draw a pretty picture.

I am not a fan of boycotting people based on things they say, so I am not going to. But it will be a very long time before the gag reflex has subsided enough for me to even entertain the idea of seeing another Pedro Almodóvar movie - which really bites because Women On the Verge is one of those I could watch over and over. Pedro Almodóvar stop being such a monster. This is not about prude Americans freaking over sex. This is about a grown man taking brutal advantage of a child. Read the transcript. Don't tell me that some 13 year olds are mature enough. Read the transcript. There is nothing artsy about this - the girl is scared and just wants to go home, the man doesn't give a rat's ass - he will use IT for whatever he pleases. I am sure he wished IT would stop trying to get away.

Read The Transcript Of The 13 Year Old Rape Victim's Testimony - This is not a case of statutory rape. This is rape of a child who not only said NO every chance she could, she tried as best as she could to get away from him and concocted a story that she needed her asthma medication so he would take her home. If this isn't rape, then what is Andrew Luster doing in Jail? His "victims" were all well over 18 and at least one had no qualms about having sex with another man in the car on the way over to Mr. Luster's beach side house. In short, they were sluts.

Andrew Luster's crimes pale in comparison to what Polanski did. Luster failed to get the stamp of approval for one act in a series of consensual acts. Polanski was repeatedly told NO by a child who was using all the means of a child to try and escape from the clutches of that pig.

Luster used GHB, Polanski used Quaaludes and Champagne.

Luster was sentenced to 124 years in prison. Polanski was sentenced to France.

Now that he is no longer in France, but in a Swiss jail, I would expect that Polanski's sentence be at least as high as Andrew Luster's.


PS: This is not a "Liberal Feminist issue" this is an issue of common decency and one which should be of concern to every person on this planet who thinks that being able to physically and mentally overpower another human being is not a license to violate them.

Petition 1 **** Read the transcript.

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