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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Diary Of A Central South Dakota Farm Woman - Monday, September 23, 1929

Sorry for jumping around, but I found entries as far back as 1929. I will try and go in order now...

Diary Of A Central South Dakota Farm Woman

Quite breezy today too, but cooler than yesterday. After the washing was on the line I cleaned out the brooder house, but didn't get the straw in until after dinner. I find I can carry twice as much straw and do it much more easily if I put it in sacks. Then too, it does not blow as it does when I use the bushel measure for transportation. I think that is quite a "discovery" -wonder if Good Housekeeping magazine would pay me a dollar for that idea. Perhaps, though, that is the way most people carry their straw and I was being stupid not to think of it sooner. I always feel virtuous when I have the coops all clean, mash hoppers full and all shipshape. Tomorrow.. I think we will tackle the attic.

Dan went to town this afternoon for lumber for the shed hauled it out on Will's trailer. That is so much easier than going in the wagon. Life really is simpler in many ways than it used to be. When I recall our homesteading days when most of the town trips were made in the wagon -thirty miles each way- it seems as if things are much easier nowadays. But we are spoiled too, for now even a five mile wagon trip seems very tedious.

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