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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Diary Of A Central South Dakota Farm Woman - Tuesday, September 24, 1929

Diary Of A Central South Dakota Farm WomanTUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 (1929)
There was such a collection facing us in the attic this morning that we scarcely knew where to begin. I established mother on the stairs and put her to sorting magazines while I looked over the books and decided which ones I wanted to keep. The give-away pile loomed up pretty well when I was through - about forty volumes in all. After the books and magazines were in order we went through some boxes finding several garments which might be made useful for some one. I still have two trunks to investigate, but I can find my way around the attic now and it is at least respectable. We thought we would take the books in to the library after dinner, but it started to rain, so we concluded home looked better than a damp drive.
Dan and I went up for the mail and delivered a big bunch of magazines to our young neighbor who has been ill. When we got home mother and I indulged in a little nap while Dan worked on the new shed.

Still rainy -I hope it clears up by the last of the week for the picnic luncheon ladies are to come out here Saturday.

I baked a pumpkin pie this morning and did the ironing. Dan had to pick a load of corn in spite of the dampness. We are glad of the moisture because the soil can always use it, but can't help wishing it had come in the growing season.

Dan is getting the plates on the shed. Of course, he can't work at the building steadily as there are so many other things to be done, so it goes rather slowly.

At last our windmill is ordered —expect it will be here by the last of the week. Dan will have to have help to set it up as I fear he and I aren't equal to it alone. We've tackled quite a few husky jobs, but that is too big a one to venture on.


We thought perhaps it wasn't going to rain much today so all went to town this morning. We had hardly gotten there when the clouds settled down in earnest and dropped their contents in a deluge. We got a little damp around the edges in dashing from store to store but managed to get all our errands done. We made a brief call on Jean, then went back down town for lunch. After we came home it brightened up for a time but is drizzling again tonight.

I busied myself on odd jobs this afternoon and got a number of little things done.

Dave and Nancy were over this evening. Merely living is a glorious experience to them at present. Of course this extremely exalted state can't last indefinitely. It is blissful while it does but unfortunately they will have to come down to earth in time. However, I believe their love will wear well. It is sure to if they will but realize that a happy married life comes from mutual effort—it needs give and take on both sides and forbearance always to make it a success.

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