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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Diary Of A Central South Dakota Farm Woman - Tuesday, September 27, 1929

Diary Of A Central South Dakota Farm Woman
Rain again. I'm not sure whether we will have our luncheon tomorrow or not, but am hoping the ladies can get here. Jean and Will drove out tonight to see how the roads were. Jean has to bring the "picnickers" out tomorrow as none of the others drives and naturally she is not keen about coming if the road is bad. I dressed a couple of fries for tomorrow and got the house in order so am ready for guests if the guests can come.
Dan picked corn in the forenoon and carpentered in the afternoon. He has the side studding ready to raise. He is using considerable old lumber which takes longer to work in, but he has to utilize what was in the old shelter as we can't put too much expense on the building. It is going to make a fine roomy addition to the barn. At least the animals will have good quarters this winter whether they have enough to eat or not.

It sprinkled off and on until nine o'clock this morning, then decided to clear up partially, so our guests got here without much trouble. I furnished the hot dish for lunch as I wanted to serve fried chicken and the other ladies supplied the balance of the menu -coffee cake that tasted like more, a salad as tempting to look at as it was good to eat and peach ice cream that made one wish for a greater capacity or else that she had eaten less of the substantials. One of our crowd couldn't come, much to our regret. The others made up a game of bridge after lunch while I cleared things up. We don't have prizes - just play for the interest of the game and we always have a good time. These picnic lunches are really a very nice way to do, for the hostess has an easy time of it and it is not very strenuous for anyone.
There was so much food left that I told Nancy she and Dave would have to come to dinner tomorrow to help us dispose of it. We had some of the ice cream for supper then Dan repacked it and I think it will keep over for tomorrow.
Dan, not being invited to the lunch, had his dinner early and spent the afternoon working on the shed. We gave him some of the ice cream, however, when dessert time arrived for the rest of us.
The windmill was delivered this evening -hope we'll have it in working order this time next week.

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