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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Diary Of A Central South Dakota Farm Woman - Wednesday, October 9, 1929

Diary Of A Central South Dakota Farm Woman
A little cool today, but not at all unseasonable. Dan cleaned out the stock tank this morning. I helped him tip it on end so he could scrape it well. It had to be moved to a little different position so it was good chance to give it a thorough scrubbing. The new mill pumped it full again without any expenditure of either muscle or gasoline.
Mr. and Mrs. Cope drove out for a little call just before we went over to Nancy's. The child had such a nice dinner prepared for her families and presided with very pretty dignity at her own table. Mary and I helped clear up afterwards and got in our share of visiting. The men of course, did the usual wandering around inspecting things generally.
Before we came home we drove over to see the fine new chicken house Mary is building. (Bob is doing the carpenter work, but it is Mary's project.) It is going to be very complete and if Mary's birds don't pay for it, it certainly won't be her fault, for they will be exceptionally well housed and she always gives them every care and attention.
Dave and Nancy have been over here all evening and we have been listening to the radio; haven't had much pleasure from it for some time for we've been using the batteries in the pump engine.

It has settled down cloudy tonight has been quite windy all day and has turned off really chilly this evening so a little fire feels good.

I dug my carrots this morning then made some butter as I hadn't enough on hand for dinner. Mother and I each tried to drink a glass of buttermilk after the churning was done. We managed to down it, but cannot say we enjoyed it. I gave Dan a glassful when he came in from picking corn and he thought it was good, but some way I've never been able to work up any enthusiasm for it.

After the butter was done and the churn washed I picked up another lot of cobs. Skippy accompanied me to the hog lot and "shooed" the pigs away from my baskets.

After dinner we went to town with the trailer as Dan had to get some siding for the shed. Mother and I did our errands while he was loading. On the way home. I discovered I had lost my wrist watch and I feel so badly for Dan gave it to me several years ago and I thought so much of it. I haven't an idea where I lost it either.

1929 Maytag aluminum washer

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