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Monday, November 09, 2009

Diary Of A Central South Dakota Farm Woman - Friday, October 4, 1929

Diary Of A Central South Dakota Farm WomanFRIDAY, OCTOBER 4 (1929)

The weather behaved properly, the helpers arrived in good season, and before noon the mill was in place. It was rather interesting to watch it raised. Mother and I went out and viewed the proceedings. I held one of the guy ropes, but didn't actually do any work. I scribbled around more or less earlier, preparing food, as I supposed of course the three extra helpers would be here for dinner but they finished about eleven and went off to a sale so there were only the four of us to eat, after all.

After dinner Dan and the man mixed and poured the concrete around the anchor posts and filled in the holes so our mill is in running order, I'm glad to say. Dan says it took quite a bit longer to set it up than he had expected but they made a good job of it.

It is quite cloudy this evening and has turned somewhat colder.


We drove in this morning with cream and eggs, did our marketing, and brought out a couple of sacks of cement to use in concreting the anchor posts of the mill. They thought they would be able to raise it after dinner, but the wind came up and they decided to wait until tomorrow. They want to have it well anchored so the winds won't topple it.

One of the neighbors phoned this morning offering me a stray dog that had come to them. Mother and I stopped for him on our way home from town. He is a nice little pup- collie, I'd say, and promises to be quite intelligent. I hope he doesn't run away.

Mother and I had planned on going to a show this afternoon, but Dan thought they might need me here on a guy rope when the tower was raised so we decided we would wait until another day. They did not use me but I found enough to keep me busy. For one thing, I stocked up with cobs, just in case we get a rain. Some extra men will be here in the morning, weather permitting, and I hope the mill will be upright on its four legs this time tomorrow.

Will got back from his trip last night and he and Jean drove out for a little visit this evening.

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