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Monday, December 27, 2010

Global Warming Causes Shocking Snowstorm In New York City

Today New York City got a taste of what lies in store for the inhabitants of earth if we do not reduce our greenhouse gas emissions PDQ! When New Yorkers looked out their windows this morning, they got the surprise of their lives - snow was falling in their fair city, and lots of it!

"At first we thought it was really cool" my friend Blanche Fleckenstein told me over the phone this afternoon, "you know, 'cause many of us New Yorkers have never even seen snow! But then I realized how cold snow is and I started to worry that the outfit I had picked out to wear to work today might not be warm enough...." she explained.

"So, I spent like half an hour looking for a sweater I bought for a trip to California last summer, until I remembered that I had vacu-wrapped it and put it in the basement!" she exclaimed.

"Then, I had to wait for Johnny to get home from surfing so he could get it for me - I never go down there because of all the tarantulas we have here in New York City - I hate spiders. And by this time, I was already almost 2 hours late for work!"

"Oh dear," I said, "I hope your boss wasn't angry!"

"Well, that's the funny part" Blanche giggled, "He wasn't at work yet either because the entire city has just shut down!"

"Really?" I asked, incredulously.

"Yes! Guess where he was when I finally got through to his cell-phone?  Stuck on the subway! Not going anywhere, mind you, just sitting there in a tunnel or something!" she squealed. "And it took them 6 hours to figure out how to get all those poor people out of there!"

"Wow, they must have been freezing!" I shivered.

"Yeah, I guess... you think?" Blanched asked, "but it is always so hot in the subway - but maybe you're right... maybe the snow cooled it off down there too..."

"Well at least they weren't at the airport" she continued "some people out there got stuck sitting in a plane for 9 hours!"

"Isn't that illegal?" I wondered out loud...

"No, but it should be!" Blanche agreed.

"Well, I guess we can excuse the foul-ups this time - I mean, they are probably not used to dealing with snow either.." I added.

"True..." and Blanche started to say something else, but the line went dead.

I had to smile a bit at the thought of those poor New Yorkers, so spoiled by their usual balmy weather, trying to make do in the midst of this freak snow storm. But then my mood became serious as I began to ponder the fact that if it could snow in New York City, what might we be in for out here in California? I mean California authorities are pros at keeping things moving along during snow storms, sand storms, hurricanes and any other fierce storm mother nature sends our way, but what will happen if we start to have no storms? Just nice weather?

It was too awful to think about, and I resolved to only exhale half as much to make sure I am doing my part to stop Global Warming. I seem to pass out a little more than usual, but if that's what it takes, I am willing to make the sacrifice!

You should too!


Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, speaking at an afternoon news conference, succinctly captured the power of the storm that had dumped 20 inches on Central Park and gripped New York City for nearly 24 hours: “A lot of snow, every place,” Mr. Bloomberg said. “It was a very heavy snowfall, and as you know, it was accompanied by intense winds.” NYT

SKILLZ - Language Alert - F-Word used frequently at times as adverb, noun, adjective...

And Now, A Report From Our London Correspondent On The Evils Of Christmas

Coming soon to a city near you. Yeah, really.


Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Insidious Agenda - National Geographic's Pathetic Plucking Of Heart Strings

I just watched the first installment of "Border Wars" by National Geographic. Most of the first segment was only slightly sympathetic to the illegal alien - until the the last few minutes, which were obviously meant to manipulate the emotions of the viewer. Barf alert.

One of the favorite ploys of the Mexican Mafia is to sing the sad song of separated families. Oh Boo Hoo, they wail, the children, think of the children... (oops that's Teachers' Union)

Try it again...Oh Boo Hoo, the poor families, torn apart by the meanies in the US Government! (snivel, snivel).

Of course, that is utter nonsense, the US Government does not tear apart families. The families tear themselves apart with their absolute refusal to obey the law. Not to mention the obvious fact that the illegal alien parents are still the parents of their children, regardless of where the children are born. The US Government does not hold US citizen children hostage in the US.

I had both my kids here in the US, then I moved to Germany for 5 years. I took my children with me. See?

The US born children of illegals are not going to be fed to wolves, they will live in Mexico until they are 18, then they have the option of moving up to the US, and most likely petitioning for their parents to come too. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Maybe not the instant gratification solution they were hoping for, but nothing to cry about. You do realize that Mexico is an actual country with roads and stuff? Many people live there by choice and are quite happy. They have a poverty problem to be sure, and maybe National Geographic should spend a few seconds pulling the Mexican Elite's heart strings about how corruption and systemic racism keep people poor, boo hoo.

Instead, National Geographic shows a family sitting on either side of the border fence, passing greasy chicken back and forth through the little holes - while they lecture us in authoritarian tones about the need for immigration reform. It is the boy's 15th birthday, boo hoo, and he wanted to spend it with his Mexican mother, boo hoo.

These cretins actually want you to believe that this is the only way this is possible. So what is stopping this kid from going to Mexico for his birthday? Nothing. As a US citizen, he will have no trouble coming back, either.

The real question is, what did you do to make National Geographic think you are such a complete and total brain-dead moron that they can play you for such a fool, and the even way more realer question is, why is National Geographic pushing the Mexican Mafia agenda?

Lots of work to be done. Many weeds to be pulled, many, many.


Merry Christmas + Hope You're Well Rested - There's Work To Be Done

Good explanation of unintended consequences of the nimrods of government getting involved in anything.

We were out to dinner with friends of the family (same family from the New York Trip) - and we got to talking about airport security or something, and Mom 2 says to me -

"Nobody thinks about the 4th plane anymore - we have got to remember the 4th plane!"

and I say, confused, "What do you mean?"

and she says:

"That's the only 9/11 plane that didn't get to attack its target - and it wasn't the government, or any number of security measures that stopped it, it was the passengers on the plane that protected us. It was the people who took matters into their own hands, made a plan - said those now famous words - "Let's Roll" and carried out their plan - they gave their lives in the end to do it, but that fourth plane was not allowed to destroy the Capitol in Washington D.C."

and I couldn't believe how I'd missed that - so obvious, really - think about all the money we spend on transportation security - even back then - bombs on planes were nothing new - just planes AS bombs was a new twist. Add to that the efforts of the FBI, CIA, layer upon layer of bureaucracy, pork projects, boondoggles, swalliwiggs, and nimperbuffalo (ok I made the last 2 up)  - and all of that failed!

ALL OF THAT FAILED. When the time came, the government and the billions of dollars we have wasted FAILED. It was "We the People" - those brave souls on that plane that was forced down in a field in Pennsylvania that came through for us.

If only we could come through for them now by showing just half of the bravery they mustered that day. The next time you start thinking the government should be doing something else in our lives, think about the fourth plane.

Think about what would have happened if those passengers had sat obediently in their little seats waiting for the government to rescue them.

The same government which had not even managed to notify the pilots that they might want to secure the cockpit door.

Merry Christmas

Now Get Up And Stand On Your Own Two Feet!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Brentwood Squatters On Veterans' Land

This is how we treat our Veterans out here in California. The place that loves to think we have some sort of moral superiority over the rest of the country.

So tell me, California - Ya feeling morally superior yet?

The residents of Brentwood (Beverly Hiils II) have their own ideas of how Veterans' Land should be put to use. Sue Young, the owner of the Benz, loves Veterans' property...

She makes sure it is well protected - from the Veterans it is supposed to serve.

Read More: Emergency Homeless Plan


Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas . . . that's the American way!

Maybe it's because we here in America are so young that we eagerly cling to our holiday traditions . . . and a Merry Christmas IS an American tradition! The Christmas tree still brilliantly shines and children's voices softly sing, reaching to the four corners of the earth where dear ones join us in memory of other Yuletides. Bells that jingle merrily in Yankee Doodle towns ring clearly out across the star studded sky and echo loudly wherever the American flag flies. This is not a sad Christmas but a proud one . . . for each home that displays a service flag feels the true spirit of Christmas more deeply than in years gone by. To everyone we wish a Merry Christmas . . . and though our lights may be dimmed, the glow of these simple, cheery words will lighten hearts whenever heard, So again . . . Merry Christmas . . . that's the American way! 


Sunday, December 19, 2010


I think at this point I must disclose that I am an affiliate of both Snapfish by HP and HP Computers. Below I am including the creative that Snapfish by HP provided to its affiliates for the generic holiday season. After making the observation that in not one of the 191 links that HP Snapfish made available as of December 19th, 2010 do they actually mention the word Christmas, I decided to point it out. It is alluded to, because they, like everybody else, want to cash in on Christmas, they just don't think it is needed to call this holy day by its actual name.

That did not stop them from directly referring to Hanukkah or the completely fabricated farce of a holiday Kwanzaa. And they also have ads for Hispanic cards? What is a Hispanic Card if I may ask? Is that not the stupidest thing you have ever heard of? I do not mean that as an insult to Hispanics (except anybody associated with La Raza - then I do mean it to be an insult). If HP Snapfish came out with Euro/Caucasian cards I would think they have lost their minds. What is going on here?

Do not think this is an oversight, - I noticed this in November and emailed the marketing rep to inquire about it. His response implied the Christmas ads were coming. This is deliberate. I am going to let my readers make up their own minds about whether or not to care, or to do anything about it. I am just pointing it out.

Below is an exhaustive list of their ads - I have removed 70 or so because they were duplicated anyway in smaller format. Be aware, these are my affiliate links and I will make money if you click on one and then buy something. At least until HP and HP Snapfish boot me out of their programs and file a lawsuit against me, which I expect to be about 5 minutes after they get a load of my post here.

I would rather live without HP Snapfish than Christmas.


Interesting to note: Snapfish by HP's German advertising refer to "Weihnachten" - which is German for Christmas. I am not an affiliate of Snapfish by HP's German program.

Religion Here, Religion There, I Want Religion Everywhere

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
Let me start today's rant by saying that I am not particularly religious, at least not in the church every Sunday, bible study sort of way. I have my beliefs, but they are mine and that is not the point.

The point is, if I want to put up a Christmas tree, crucifix, or start the day with a daily "Our Father", I can. I suppose I can also hang a very large Star of David on my wall, I can do that too, although it would be a little weird, since I am not Jewish.

Let me be very clear about what I am saying.

I can hang a cross on any wall, 
wear an icon of Saint Paul, 
decorate a Christmas tree in Central Park, 
then light it up soon after dark, 
build a Menorah in downtown Agoura,
write 10 commandments on the wall,
even down at city hall.

I can do this, yes I can,
you can't stop me, no way man!

(Can you tell I like Dr. Seuss?)

OK, so to amend that slightly, the federal government can't stop me. I do not have to be a constitutional scholar to understand what "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" means.

Here is what it does not say: Congress and its minions will expend great energy and taxpayer monies running around the country ensuring that somebody's religion is not offending another somebody's sensibilities.

In fact, if I may paraphrase, the Constitution basically says: "Federal Government, Butt Out".

We the people can make laws, rules, establish social norms and conventions as to when and where the practising of one's religion and/or the displaying of associated icons, mementos, symbols and paraphernalia is or is not appropriate. Not the Feds. Not the Federal Reserve, Not Berquacky or Berquacky's reps. He has that authority over us like he has the authority to tell us not to eat tuna fish sandwiches on Thursdays.

We all have to find a way to get along and live peacefully. It will always be a give and take. In the old days we had etiquette and being polite mattered. Then the godless, acid-freak-hippy-monsters took the reigns and we have been in a downward spiral ever since.

Seriously, folks... we should really consider setting aside some public lands to create aging hippy happy camps - put them somewhere where they can't hurt us anymore. What about that Woodstock place?


Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm An Auntie For The Fourth Time - It's A Boy!

It's A Boy!

Whiskey and Cigars For Everyone!

Is it too early to get him his first hunting rifle? Those are some big ears he's got!


Treason and The Dream Act

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.  The Dream Act S.3992

From The Dream Act:

Who is eligible:

  • if the alien demonstrates by a preponderance of the evidence that-- the alien was younger than 30 years of age on the date of the enactment of this Act.
  • has not been convicted of-- (I) any offense under Federal or State law punishable by a maximum term of imprisonment of more than 1 year
  • has earned a high school diploma or obtained a general education development certificate in the United States 
  1. "You are eligible to take the GED test if you are a resident of California and meet any one of the following criteria: The individual is 18 years of age or older, or within 60 days of his or her 18th birthday (regardless of school enrollment status)." 
  2. What ID is Necessary to Take the GED Test? - Identification cards issued by U.S. or foreign governments. (Such as the matricula consular - The matricula is not a secure identity document. Mexico is not authenticating the documents used to obtain the matricula against computerized data)

My Take: The real requirement is that a person appears to be under 30 because nobody has to actually attend school, all they have to do is "obtain" a GED - interesting word choice, since with an easily obtainable matricula consular - you can "obtain" somebody to take the GED for you or shave a few years off your age.

A few points worth mentioning: you can read the bill to put them in context, I am tired and want to go to sleep:

  • WAIVER- Notwithstanding paragraph (1), the Secretary of Homeland Security may waive the ground of ineligibility under paragraph (1), (4), or (6) of section 212(a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act and the ground of deportability under paragraph (1) of section 237(a) of that Act for humanitarian purposes or family unity or when it is otherwise in the public interest.
  • Exemption From Numerical Limitations- Nothing in this section may be construed to apply a numerical limitation to the number of aliens who may be eligible for cancellation of removal under subsection (a). (No limit to the number they want to amnesty)

  • The Secretary of Homeland Security may not remove any alien who-- (1) has a pending application for conditional nonimmigrant status under this Act.

  • Length of Status- Conditional nonimmigrant status granted under section 4 shall be valid for a period of 10 years, subject to termination under subsection (c) of this section. (b) Terms of Conditional Nonimmigrant Status- (1) EMPLOYMENT- A conditional nonimmigrant shall be authorized to be employed in the United States incident to conditional nonimmigrant status. Immediate 10 year work permit for anybody who applies. - The more educated, the better - what? not just farm workers? Nope! This can be used just as easily by illegal Chinese and Indian under 30 appearing, highly skilled, willing to accept far less than you are silicon valley techies. 


Friday, December 17, 2010

Playing Politics With First Responders

Excuse me for being a spoilsport once again and not jumping on the blame the republicans bandwagon, but it seems pretty obvious to me that if somebody says we are not going to do anything until we address x and y and then the only thing the other somebodies offer up is z, they are doing so knowing full well that z is not going to be looked at. It is very cynical and manipulative, and any idiot should be able to see this.

Well any idiot beside those employed in our messed up media, and Jon Stewart, who is revealing himself to be a proper party propagandist, rather disappointing, if you ask me. I have to think of the saying "Power Corrupts" and "Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely" - there was no party affiliation attached to this little bit of wisdom. The media was supposed to be our weapon against corruption, not a cheerleader for their favorite team.

That said, the rather pressing issue remains of taking care of those who took care of us on September 11, 2001 and the days, weeks, months and years that followed. Since our government has proven once again it is utterly useless - all of them - not just one party, I propose we the people form our own shadow government and fund this puppy with our own money.

Here is what I am willing to do: If someone can create a private trust with the sole purpose of providing medical assistance to 911 responders, I will tax myself an extra $1,000 as my contribution to this cause. The trust should be created with all the appropriate safeguards against theft and abuse, and in no way shape or form be part of any government entity. I would do it myself, but I have no idea how one goes about this.

Whoever you are, trust creator, please don't dilly dally, this is an urgent matter for those sickened from the cleanup, and who knows how long I will manage to keep my $1,000 in the bank.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I just returned from the Big Apple - which is still one of my favorite places, despite the nanny in charge. I was surprised to see Christmas alive and well in New York City, it was everywhere. New Yorkers do not seem to have the fear of Christmas which our pansy class here in California does. They also see to understand the proper usage of the word Holidays - to be used when referring to more than one holiday, rather than a euphemism for Christmas. Like when one is referring to Christmas and New Years, or Hanukkah and Christmas, but most certainly not when one is showing Santa, a Christmas tree and a nativity scene and rattling on about holiday gifts - then you're just a pansy.

Not only is Christmas alive and well in NYC, but religion itself seems to be holding it's own. I saw men of the cloth out and about, doing what they are supposed to be doing- talking to their neighbors, helping out in a myriad of different ways - and providing an element of wholesomeness to the otherwise gritty yet lovable streets.

I also took a ride in the Sabbath elevator at the hospital by mistake - I had heard of Sabbath elevators, but was still a bit surprised to find one, stopping at each and every floor whether I wanted it to or not (I didn't so I exited and took the regular elevator as I needed to go all the way up to 10 and am not Jewish so doing so didn't risk my eternal soul or anything.) But I like the fact that there is such a stubbornly Jewish elevator.

The highlight of our trip was the Rammstein concert in Madison Square Garden. This was the reason for the timing of the trip - Rammstein hasn't given a concert in the US for 10 years and my son and his friends are big fans (my husband and I like them too), so we bought tickets and the 7 of us made the two-day journey from west to east to spend several sweaty hours in the "Mosh Pit". I didn't actually believe they would allow a mosh pit at Madison Square Garden, and right up to the very last minute I expected to find rows of neatly ordered seats up front, but I was wrong, and there was indeed moshing as well as squashing, squishing and exuberant bouncing. All good fun you understand, and as soon as I caught sight of the rather dangerous looking moshing, I grabbed my son's hand and steered him over to a section of the crowd where only squashing, squishing and exuberant bouncing was taking place.

Rammstein puts on a very good show; there are a lot of visuals, and they are very fond of pyrotechnics - so at any given time one or more of the band members is busy setting something in flames. The crowd really loves this, and the moshers work themselves into quite a frenzy - to the point that they begin to launch themselves up onto the top of the crowd. I was more worried about your odd flying mosher landing on my head than the flames on stage getting out of control, because despite the ruffian image the Rammsteins work hard to maintain, they are still Germans, which means any and all infernos will have been carefully planned, staged and executed with the usual German precision and attention to detail. Germans hate surprises.

All in all a top notch concert.

I really could have done without the two-day odyssey which I used to call the flight home. Air travel is just downright painful. Every time I do it I swear it will be the last time - it has become an activity designed to cause the traveler the most aggravation possible, and make them feel foolish for being willing to subject themselves to this gauntlet of nettles. The Germans have a good word for this: "Volksverarschung". Add this word to your vocabulary; you will find it very useful in the coming years.

Glad to be home, finally.


Monday, December 13, 2010

2010 California Election Results

State Totals
Jerry Brown  VOTES: 5,428,458 Or 53.8% Of Total Vote
  • TOTAL EXPENDITURES 1/1/2010 - 10/16/201$25,301,643.22 
  • Spent $4.66 Per Vote
  • Outspent Chelene Nightingale 500/1
Meg Whitman VOTES: 4,127,371 Or 40.9% Of Total Vote

  • TOTAL EXPENDITURES 1/1/2010 - 10/16/2010 $143,651,194.28 
  • Spent $34.88 Per Vote
  • Outspent Chelene Nightingale 2489/1

Chelene Nightingale VOTES: 166,308 OR 1.7% OF TOTAL VOTE.
  • TOTAL EXPENDITURES 1/1/2010 - 10/16/2010 $50,416.71
  • Spent 30¢ per vote


PS Chelene Nightingale Came In 3rd Place - Not bad for a candidate with a budget of $50K - That's Thousand - who is deliberately ignored by the media, and who is denied access to the debates. Having Chelene in the debates (and for that matter the rest of the candidates) would have brought up important issues and exposed the canned blathers of the "two major contenders" for what they were. Whether or not you support any of the other candidates, don't you at least want to hear what your options are? They all apparently feel (Republicans, Democrats and the Messed Up Media) that the California Dodo cannot handle  more than two versions of the same line. Is that true, Dodos?

Progressives Worry Women Of Color Having Too Many Brats - Cheap Abortions Could Fix That In A Jiffy

I wonder. Suppose I woke up one morning and decided to exercise my right to obtain a frontal lobotomy - perhaps because I would like to pursue a career as a progressive politician and a dormant frontal lobe is a prerequisite. Would my health insurance cover this procedure or would I be forced to pay for it out of my own pocket - thereby taking food from the mouths of my children and/or forcing me to part with objects dear to my little heart?

Of course, even if my insurance didn't cover elective frontal lobotomies, I, being of the privileged skin color, could afford to jet off to some fancy Gulag in the former Soviet Union and have the procedure done there. Pity the poor black and Hispanic women who would be forced to have some back-alley lobotomist drive a rusty nail through their forehead using a common, everyday sledgehammer. Obviously, these women need to stand up and demand their right to safe, affordable, elective frontal lobotomies - social justice, you know.


I dunno - too obvious? What do you think? Hard to say because there are some who might have found the preceding two paragraphs just as un-subtle with the word "abortion" substituted for "frontal lobotomy". Don't you just start to cringe when people start going on and on and on about making sure you, black lady or you, Hispanic lady, have all this great and wonderful access to cheap abortions? Did it ever occur to you that maybe the people advocating so vehemently for your "rights" are secretly trying to make sure there are fewer of you? Not only that, they are pushing the method that will be most destructive to your own sense of worth and well-being. Let's face it - they are fighting for your right to have a baby ripped out of your tummy.

I am pro-choice, but definitely not pro-abortion - and I am really suspicious of people who trumpet too loudly on the topic of a women's right to have an abortion. These Harvard educated Besser-Wessies know darn well that when you subsidize a good or service - you get more people partaking of that good or service and since the Lefty Ladies from the Center For American Progress are advocating subsidized abortions for Women Of Color - one can only conclude that they believe that Women Of Color are not aborting enough of their children.

So, the Center For American Progress Says Black Women and Hispanic Women Should Have More Abortions. Y'All must have done something to piss them off.


Monday, December 06, 2010

Darn, We Were Cool...

It's My Car - I'm Going To Do The Driving Driving
Actually, This was my best friend's mother's groovin' station-wagon that she got to drive until she got her own car. We did a lot in this car, ran out of gas a few times - then we would stick our hands down between the seats and look for change to buy more gas. I got pretty good at putting 35 cents or so worth of gas in the car.

My fondest memory of this car is seeing it blast out of the fog in the mornings at 70 mph or so, slow to a rolling stop, my cue to jump in the front seat - and then high-tailing it off to school. We were always late, but we didn't really care much - life was fun with a big green station-wagon with wood paneling on the side.


Sunday, December 05, 2010

Unemployment Up, Tuition Hiked - And Dream Act A Nightmare

They just don't stop. For each and every student out there who has to pay higher tuition, you should realize that part of this fee increase is due to people cheating the system. Before you feel sorry for them, also realize that every illegal alien who is enrolled in an American college or university has prevented an American from having the opportunity to get an education. The number of qualified applicants to the University of California, for example, far exceeds the number of available spaces and it has for many years now.

That our politicians would allow this disgrace is unconscionable, but that is the way it is. Allowing those who steal and cheat to benefit will get us nothing more than more people who are willing to steal and cheat to get what they want. Make no mistake about it, this is coming out of your pocket in one form or another, and what's worse, cheaters and thieves hurt the most vulnerable of our society the most, because they use the available resources which would have otherwise gone to help poor Americans.

Do not think that "They" should pay more taxes so that everybody has an opportunity to get an education. You should rephrase that as "I should pay more in taxes" - because it will cost you sooner or later, although you might not recognize it. The government has no money of its own. None. Every single penny the government has to spend comes out of the pockets of the citizens.

Each and every illegal alien found to be stealing an education should be expelled on the spot and deported. That is the only fair and just course of action.


Friday, December 03, 2010

Insurance Soup Recipe - Add Some Premium Memory

Hopefully, now that the balance of power in Congress is not completely lopsided, we will be able to have a reasonable discussion of health care and what to do about it. It seems to me that the single biggest problem of our system is that consumers are only able to purchase insurance for discrete segments of their lives, and whenever a person has to change their insurance carrier or plan, they are essentially treated exactly the same as every other prospective policy purchaser, regardless of whether they have been insured their entire lives or not at all.

Insurance companies make money by charging premiums that are high enough to cover the expenses + expected losses of the insured entity and leave enough left over to make a profit. (I am ignoring investment income for simplicity). Because a company cannot know exactly what the losses on any given policy will be, they make informed guesses based on the characteristics of whatever it is they are insuring, and then get a lot of the same type of entity to insure so that the law of large numbers smooths out wide fluctuations caused by any single insured and the whole soup turns out results close to what they predicted.

If we apply this to health insurance, it makes sense that health care through an employer is affordable, more or less, for any given person, whereas purchasing a policy as an individual may not be. The insurance company gets to use their law of large(er) numbers with a group policy, but not with the single purchaser. While there is nothing stopping the company from making soup out of a large number of individual policies, it turns out that people quite often fail to purchase insurance as an individual unless they have some pressing need for it (i.e. a pre-existing condition.) By doing this, they break the Insurance company's law of large numbers, because there are not enough healthy-people policies in the soup to offset all the sick-people policies - and the soup turns out to be way too salty. (This is why the government is so hot and heavy to mandate health insurance - they need the healthy people in the soup to make it work financially.)

There is another way to spread the risk and achieve the benefit of the large numbers law, and that is to calculate a policy's profitability over the life of the insured - multiple years. So if I buy insurance with Acme Health when I am 20, and pay my little premiums like a good girl every year, Acme can build up a stash of cash paid in just by me in my younger healthy years, which it can use to pay for my care in my older, sickly years. It can then pool me with other responsible policy holders to further spread the risk.

The problem with our current system is that there is no mechanism with which to accrue my lifetime premiums paid, which produces the undesirable situation wherein the lifelong premium payer is in the same boat as the person who has never paid a dime towards health insurance. This is patently unfair, and is responsible for all of the squirly outcomes we are getting in the form of Obamacare.

Instead of forcing everybody to buy insurance, we should be focusing on creating a market structure which rewards responsible insurance buying choices by differentiating between Peter-Persistent-Policy-Holder and Ima-Always-Uninsured. I am not quite sure how to do this, but it should be possible. Paula-Pre-Existing-Condition will look mighty different to Acme Insurance when she comes with 10, 20 or 30 years of accrued premium as well as her condition. Then there is no need to mandate insurance, for those who purposely avoid purchasing insurance will be sent packing, and rightly so, while the responsible folk will always be able to buy themselves insurance.

Talk about freedom. Imagine not having to plan your life around how to best get health insurance. That alone should provide for a better allocation of resources in our economy and should give our overall competitiveness a boost.

That is what I have to offer on the troublesome topic of health insurance.


The Lady Is A Tramp

I just got back from the dentist - not my favorite place to go, despite having the nicest dentist on the planet. I have to go back on Monday, which is usually the case it seems. It is not all bad, because I get to read the gossip magazines and catch up on what has certainly been occupying the hearts and minds of a significant percentage of the population.

I have a few belated comments on items I read in the October 2010 issue of People magazine (I intended to read the November or December issue, but stupidly left it sitting on the table where it was picked up by another patient. I thought tackling her and grabbing the thing out of her hands would be inappropriate.)

First Comment: Christina Aguilera looks good both as a blond and in the gorgeous Versace gown she wore to some shindig. I am also grateful to her that I have no idea what her views are on global warming, gay marriage, mosque building or American foreign policy in the Middle East. Please keep it that way, dear - I like your music.

Second Comment:  Lady Ga Ga should change her name to Lady Gargoyle, as her picture in People magazine was truly horrifying - enough to cause heathens to repent, lest they are forced to join her in the 7th circle of fashion hell. Why this woman chooses to parade around looking like a two-bit hooker is beyond me, but that is how the paparazzi encountered her and documented for the world to see. Most people caught out in public in that get-up would have the sense to dive behind the next garbage can or parked car, some might even prefer a confrontation with a moving vehicle, but Lady Gargoyle appears to have posed for the picture.

I think the gutter-slut look is officially passé; it isn't even rebellious or shocking anymore. Like the originators of this mode of attire, it is tired, worn out and reeks of desperation.

The world can also do without being lectured by Ms. Gargoyle on any topic beyond whether or not we feel like partying tonight.


Thursday, December 02, 2010

Sweeping Blacks Under The Rug Or 'Token' Humiliation

Yesterday in Los Angeles a crossing guard was brutally beaten by two Hispanics, Jose Hernandez and his passenger Vanessa Martinez who were incensed that the crossing guard had tried to get them to stop for the school children. I listened to the reporting of this all day on the radio, and then read the article in the LA Slimes ("All the news that fits our leftist agenda"), and I noticed that there was no picture of the victim, nor mention of her race.

I emailed the two "reporters" who wrote the article and asked them what her race was, because I suspected she was black - and that was the reason there was no mention of her race, nor a picture. They didn't bother to answer.  There is a concerted effort to suppress any mention of Hispanic racism against blacks - I suspect because it would upset the "people of color" coalition assault on whites.

Today, I was able to track down a picture of the crossing guard.

The 59 year old crossing guard who was beaten up on the job in Los Angeles.

I also would like to point out that in the process of "throwing the bums out" in our federal government, it is notable that the only bums that manage to get caught in their net are black. This despite the fact that our treasury  secretary is a tax cheat (oops, he says) as is our former wanna-be president, John Kerry, tax cheat - (now where did I park that darn yacht) but for some reason they are not hauled up in front of their peers and publicly humiliated.

Why is that?

(Hint, I know why that is, you bunch of hypocrites.)


PS - I think the Wikileaks business is being used to embarrass Hillary Clinton - so that she can be taken down a notch or two, and/or dumped as SOS. Not that I care much, because I am not a fan of Hillary Clinton, but that is what I suspect is going on.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Day The Dollar Died - A Fictional Account Of A Possible Event

Bye, Bye Miss American Pie... How Quantitative Easing can ruin your day.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Subsidies For Illegal Aliens At UC

On Monday (Nov. 15), the California Supreme Court unanimously upheld a state law which allows certain nonresidents, including some undocumented students, who attend and graduate from a California high school to pay in-state tuition at the state's public colleges and universities. ....

..."We are very pleased with the California Supreme Court's decision," said Charles Robinson, UC's general counsel and vice president for legal affairs. "The university supported AB 540 because we believe that students who attended and graduated from high school in California but are not legal residents should have an opportunity to get a higher education. We are gratified that the California Supreme Court has agreed that this state law does not conflict with federal law." 
In-state tuition is subsidized by the California taxpayer - out of state tuition is set to reflect the actual cost of providing an education to a student. So, not only are these illegal aliens taking up a California resident's slot to study, the California taxpayer is paying for most of their education.

In other news: UC regents increase fees, financial aid - odd thing to do, isn't it? Increase the fees they charge AND give away more money? They do this to avoid having to tell California residents that higher earners are actually being charged MORE for their education than lower income families. So, don't run out and get that second job to pay for your children's college education, it may end up costing you in the end.

Remember, also, that higher earners are taxed at a higher rate than the same lower income families, so they are hit with a double whammy - they pay more in taxes and they pay more to send their kids to the UC. Over the next few years, there will be an explosion of illegal aliens reaching college age, (corresponding to the explosion in the number of illegal aliens residing in California + 16) and whether or not you can afford to send your own kids to a UC, you will be paying for foreign nationals (mostly Mexican) to go to school.

I can't remember voting to pay for Mexican citizens to go to school. I believe they have colleges and universities in Mexico, don't they?


Saturday, November 20, 2010

No Good Hippie Boomer Draft Dodgers Still Sticking It To Vietnam Vets

The city of Los Angeles, as you may know, declared itself a sanctuary city for illegal aliens and allows them free reign of the city. According to one LA city council member, Los Angeles doles out roughly $1 billion per year to citizens of other countries who are unlawfully present in the USA (and their anchor babies). Meanwhile, there are roughly 20,000 homeless Vietnam Veterans "living" on the streets.

These men are the ones who, when called to duty by our country to fight the cancerous spread of communism throughout Asia, not only answered the call, they showed up for duty. The shirkers of duty like to portray themselves as the heroes, claiming the moral high ground and yapping about unjust this and that, but let's face it - they took the easy way out. There is nothing noble about the self-absorbed - and how much character do you need to attend protests with all of your hippie friends, take drugs and have sex with anything that moves. They also smelled really bad.

In 1888 or abouts, a big piece of prime real-estate in Los Angeles was donated to America's veterans. Since then, it appears that greedy freeloaders have been doing everything in their power to use the land for their own purposes, instead of respecting the actual purpose of the gift, which was to provide those men and now women who fought for our country, with a sanctuary - a place to heal the wounds that were inflicted upon them in our name. Regardless of what you may think of the Vietnam war and our reasons for fighting it, you should never forget that some men did their duty, and some ran off to Canada or played protester in the park until their buzz wore off. A few even set off bombs in the United States and spewed putrid, nonsensical sewage from their well-fed pie holes and called it ideology. (Those types were rewarded with prestigious positions at acclaimed universities by their contemporaries, the cowardly shirkers of duty. Strangely enough, these shirkers are also the same bunch who are currently speeding us to economic ruin with their increasingly frantic attempts to create something out of nothing and the very same ones who continue to stubbornly cling to the belief that functioning economies can be pulled out of their rear ends.)

But I digress.

For once in your self-absorbed, self-centered lives, hippie boomers, do the right thing. Give the veterans back their land in Los Angeles, and focus your squawking on raising money to provide them with a place of refuge. If you still haven't been able to face up to the reality that those vets are the heroes, not you, former smelly hippie acid freak, then think about your children - and how you have created a society for them in which to live, where those that give of themselves are relegated to the gutters while the grand duty shirkers navigate their shiny SUVs around the pot-holes on the crumbling streets.

Your parents handed you the keys to the kingdom and you trashed the place. Perhaps because you never seemed to be able to grasp that the kingdom didn't appear by magic, nor did your parents pull it out of their rear-ends. The kingdom was built with blood, sweat and plenty of tears. That is what made them, your parents, seem stuffy, straight-laced and a tad intolerant - hard work and sacrifice can have that effect on you.

You hippies are getting old now, you do not have much time left to make things right, so you had better get cracking.

Chop, Chop,



Democrat Saves The Internet - My Tentative Opinion

Given what I have read so far, we just escaped an attempt by the Feds to censor the internet using copyright infringement as the excuse. A copyright violation would have allowed them to shut down the entire site (domain) of the offender. The man of the hour is Oregon Senator Ron Wyden.

WARNING USE CAUTION: I say tentative opinion because I have not researched this fully yet and don't have the time right now, so be wary and fact check before you agree with me.


Thoughts On Bullying At School

I was listening to the radio yesterday - John & Ken, my favorite talk show, and the topic was a boy from the Sacramento area who was driven to suicide by roughly 27 days of intense bullying. According to his mother, who has now founded an organization called "BRAVE", Michael, her son, had been a well adjusted kid up until the point of the bullying episode.

After unsuccessfully seeking help from the school, Michael apparently felt the only way out was to shoot himself in the school bathroom. He died the next day in the hospital. Tragic, beyond what words could express.

As a mother myself, I can't help but sympathize with Michael's mother; she has paid the ultimate price and regardless of any crusade for "change" she is now undertaking, I suspect she will spend the rest of her life wondering what she could have done differently to prevent this. In the off chance she ever came to read my blog, the last thing I would want is for my writing to add to her pain. I say this in advance because I don't know yet exactly what I am going to say; "bullying" is a complicated issue which, on the one hand is a part of life, on the other, a societal choice in the degree to which we tolerate it.

Of course, once I read about the method Michael used to kill himself, my first thought was, "where'd he get the gun?" I am very much for our 2nd amendment rights to own firearms, however, rights come with responsibilities, which could have been met with a very locked gun safe, if in this case, as I suspect, the gun came from home. So as you read this, if you have a gun in the house that is not locked away, stop reading this and go buy a gun safe and put your weapons in it.

Guns add an element of finality to the mix which somebody in extreme distress might not be able to fully grasp. I can think of a few moments in my own life where I thought "I'll kill myself and that will show everybody". I can't say that I was actually ever really suicidal, but who's to say that, in the absence of the gun, this boy might not have been able to kill himself? A less efficient way of suicide would require much more effort - allowing for additional intervention opportunities, reconsideration by the boy himself or an increased chance of survival should he have proceeded anyway. Teenagers are particularly emotional creatures and do not have the benefit of perspective that adults do. (My own tendency to over-dramatize and the fact that I can be a bit of a hot-head has thus far kept me from buying a gun - I don't trust myself to own one.)

Now on to the topic of bullying. I can remember a time in high school when I was a victim of what would today qualify as bullying. I think it lasted a month or two, and without going into the details -most of which I can't remember anyway, I do have to say that it was Hell. I remember the sick feeling in my stomach and the dread of each new incident. I wanted to curl up in a ball and hide under the blankets and never come out. I was afraid to walk out to the mailbox lest I encounter the girl who was tormenting me on her way home - she lived up the street from me.

It ended when I couldn't take it anymore and picked up the phone and called my former best friend and my tormentor's accomplice (or so I had thought) and asked her why she was saying all of these horrible things about me. My former best friend had had the same question for me. Once we realized that the other girl had been fabricating supposed 'she saids' and feeding them to both of us, we thought, "what the heck? what a total psycho!" and her power over the both of us evaporated. I simply avoided this chick in the future and let her know with teenage female facial expressions that she was a loser, I was on to her, and she should keep her distance if she knew what was good for her. That worked.

So my own experience with bullying had a "happy end" in that it was limited in time and scope, I was able to resolve it on my own thereby learning an important life lesson, I gained confidence in my own ability to navigate the treacherous, shark infested waters of high school society and I was ultimately able to chalk it up to "character building". However, the Hell I experienced at the time was real and it was a period of intense suffering - which my analytical brain might describe as "existing for an extended period of time in fight-or-flight mode". Extreme stress and absolutely no fun at all. On the other hand, if I had not experienced this during high school, I can guarantee you that I would be ranting about one or the other aspect of this case, instead of the extended hmmmmmmmmm, which I am now doing. I am able to empathize with the victim because of my experience.

That said, tormentors have a powerful tool available to them today which mine thankfully did not; the Internet. The Internet changes the scope and scale of the ability to inflict pain on others. In my case, technology came to my assistance in the form of a phone call - and the conflict was known to only three people, though at the time my imagination conjured hordes of conspirators. In Michael's case, the tormentor was able to focus and magnify his efforts on Michael like a magnifying glass focuses the rays of the sun - hot becomes searing and ultimately incinerates the object of focus.

That is obviously no longer character building.

But what to do? That is the tricky part. On the one hand, we need more laws like we need more holes in our already airy heads. On the other, since the adults commissioned with the responsibility to a) send halfway civilized children to school and b) provide for a safe and civil environment for the kids they are responsible for and c) consider the harmful effects one's fab new social networking site can have on kiddies and take steps to mitigate them, have all failed miserably, perhaps we as a society have earned some new nannying by the state. We get the government we deserve says a part of me.

The first step, however, is to have a discussion and to include the kids in this discussion because they are both the perpetrators and the victims. It has been my experience that many "kids" are able to rise to the occasion and lead, once they are made aware of the problem and are given the opportunity to participate in the search for solutions. They also have far more credibility amongst their peers as we boring adults do, thereby increasing the chances of suggested solutions becoming actual solutions.

So, it appears this is what I think on the matter.


Friday, November 19, 2010

TSA = Total State Abuse

I am dreading my flight to New York next month. This horrendous abuse of power in the name of safety has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with humiliating the general public into submission. They want you subdued and compliant.

I am listening to the radio right now, hearing story after story about people being sexually assaulted at the airport, women being reduced to tears after being violated in the most disgusting ways. A flight attendant and breast cancer survivor is forced to remove her prosthetic breast. One woman reports her TSA assailant stuck her hand down into her underwear and then patted her genitals with the other hand. Either we put a quick stop to this or you can expect the full body cavity exam to be next.

This is the beginning of your lesson in why our founding fathers worried about abuse of power and excessive power concentrated in one place (such as the federal government), and sought to build safeguards into the system - checks and balances. This is why the powers of the federal government are restricted to those specifically enumerated in the Constitution. Our founding fathers were no idiots. They knew about Barack Obama et al long before B.O. ever existed. Our Constitution is not outdated, and never will be. Not until greed and hunger for power is no longer part of the human condition.

Here is what I want in airport security: Forget The 'Porn Machines' How Israelis Secure Airports. Nobody has brought down an El Al plane from the inside. I want what the Israelis have. The government there cares about its citizens and is serious about safety. They are the best in the world. Since we are now exposing ourselves to be nothing more than a barrel of monkeys, let's play a little "Monkey See Monkey Do" while we're looking at Israeli security measures.


Subarticle 7. Low Carbon Fuel Standard - Why Your Energy Bills Will Skyrocket

Californians are the biggest airheads on the planet. I am quite certain that 90% of the voters who voted down Proposition 23, and thus gave control of their lives to the Executive Officer (pray that your lifestyle is to his liking) were of the opinion that they were voting for yet another feel-good law, that they most likely forgot about before they left their polling station.

I have linked to the 63 page document that quite possibly may cause this state to come to an absolute screeching halt. I have to admit that I don't understand a heck of a lot about what is being said, - but that in and of itself is a little worrisome. Starting on January 1, 2010 "regulated parties" are going to be very busy with reporting every last detail about every energy source that they use. (2011 is when the real trouble starts) Starting in 2015, they will be reporting to the government how much energy we Californians use, and what we use it for.

For a state that loves to bash "big oil, big this, big that", the reporting requirements of this monster will pretty much guarantee that "big anything" is the only type of company with the resources to comply. That these new regulations will cause the prices of ALL FORMS OF ENERGY to skyrocket is a given.

Still think this law is going to be all butterflies? Energy is the one input that is common to the production of absolutely everything, all goods, all services. Even a travel agent needs to turn on the lights and computers to get the job done. If you have a job now, you won't for long.

Also, the Executive Officer is now easily the most powerful person in the state. Know his name? Of course you don't. Don't worry about it, because you have no say in the matter anyway.

Just know that a few well-connected people are going to make a ton of money off of your stupidity.

Stupid California. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.


P.S. I linked to the document. Open it and read it yourself. Don't waste your time with comments about butterflies and green jobs. That is crap used to sell this albatross to the Dodos that live here. Yes, I mean you, Dodo.

PPS - The Chicago Cap'nTrade Exchange just shut down a few days ago. The one which would have made Al Gore and Goldman Sachs even richer. Seems the rest of the country didn't take the bait. I wonder whether that had anything to do with Al Baby moving to California? Something like: "There're Dodos in them thar hills" born every day!

Even the famous Silicon Valley isn't a sure thing for California. The Sacramento Bee reported that a host of Silicon Valley companies are investing in new jobs and expansion plans in Utah. Adobe Systems in San Jose announced Aug. 5 it will build a $100 million facility in Utah that will add 1,000 new employees. Twitter, the social-networking phenomenon based in San Francisco, is moving its data center to Salt Lake City. Video game maker Electronic Arts Inc., based in Redwood City, is also opening a new plant in Salt Lake. And Oracle, the California software giant, will invest $285 million in Utah in a new data center that will house more than 100 new jobs. Source

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Pledge Allegiance To The Flag

Can somebody please explain to me why this happens? How can somebody who works in a school be such a half-wit as to tell a 13 year old boy to remove his American Flag off the back of his bike? Is this the product of stupidity or malice? That this comes from a public school is particularly troubling. This country must do a complete overhaul of our public education system and purge those who would destroy this country.

First order of the day, get rid of the unions. They siphon off all the money for themselves and then fill our children's heads with leftist nonsense. I am starting to think a public school education does more harm than good. Did somebody say "voucher system"?



Monday, November 15, 2010



I am tempted to make up a little ditty about Cap'n Trade - Just Like Winnie The Pooh Would... and I think I understand why Cicero fiddled while Rome burned...He just couldn't stand watching his fellow Rom-maniacs pour gasoline on themselves and light the match...

The AB 32 Scoping Plan identifies a cap-and-trade program as one of the strategies California will employ to reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that cause climate change. Unelected California Air Resources Board

Inhofe Debunks So-Called 'Consensus' On Global Warming 

The assumption at the AIR Resources Board is that the 2020 $ price of Fuel will be $7.69 per MMBTU

                  In comparison to today's spot price

Spot Price of Fuel in 2010 - $3.76
Or more than Twice the amount.....


Smarter Green Thoughts - California DoDos Not Extinct - Not By A Long Shot

The sky is not burning, and to claim that it is amounts to journalistic malpractice…the press only promotes the global warming alarmists and ignores or minimizes those of us who are skeptical.” - Chemist Dr. Mark L. Campbell, a professor of chemistry at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, who has published numerous studies in the Journal of the American Chemical Society on topics such as methane. 

 Memo To Californians: When you have lost your job due to AB-32, I hope you will hold those accountable who have been purposely lying to you about the necessity of this ridiculous farce; An air pollution law that doesn't even attempt to reduce real air pollution. That would have been something at least.

Starting with the newspapers you read, because they have been purposely withholding mounting evidence that this is indeed a hoax/plot of progressives to gain control over the US Economy. Only Californians were stupid enough to fall for it.


Awww... you shouldn't have! Our very own Cap'N Trade Program: Proposed California Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Program Now Available

Major program elements:

  • Starting in 2012: electricity, including imports, and large industrial facilities (I already saw some of the benefits of this - in the form of much, much higher rates in Truckee, California - Our Electric Company had an out-of-state provider all lined up - nice low cost energy - but couldn't sign a contract due to Cap'nTrade - Oh Yeah...) Result: Higher Electricity Costs For You, and You, and YOU TOO! If you voted "NO" on Prop 23, IT IS YOUR FAULT.
  • Starting in 2015: distributors of transportation fuels, natural gas and other fuels - SHOO BE DOOO HIGHER GAS PRICES FOR YOOOOOOOOOUUUUU!
  • Program covers 360 businesses, representing 600 facilities UH-OH SPAGHETTIOS - I WONDER WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN TO THEM...

The Cap

  • Initial cap in 2012 set at emissions forecast for that year.
  • When scope expands in 2015, cap increases to include emissions from combustion of fuels
  • Cap declines approximately 2 percent per year in initial period (2012-14); cap declines after 2015 approximately 3 percent per year
  • Cumulative reductions needed 2012 - 2020 are 273 million metric tons of CO2 (MMTCO2e)

PS: Click the title link for a list of many, many more "deniers" - aka real scientists who dissent with AGW.