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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Retro Housewife Discovers Quantum Physics and God

We were listening to the radio last night on the way home from dinner (son had invited entire German exchange program over for party and house was full of teenagers and techno) and they were talking about these weird particles.

So it turns out that there are particles that apparently don't exist unless you observe them, and another set that behave differently if you observe them and even particles that maintain some type of bond no matter how far apart from each other they are. In the last case they mentioned an experiment done where two of these particles were shot down fiber optic lines 7 kilometers apart. When one little guy changed his direction, the other one did too. Wowsers.

My first reaction was "why didn't anybody tell me about this?" Then my husband filled me in about how this is all quantum physics and they have known about this for years and big colliders and what not. Harumpf. My first husband was a particle physicist and we spent 7 years chasing colliders around the world (he is going to be in some pretty hot water, let me tell you).

First there was SLAC then we moved to DESY and I have been to CERN twice - the first time I learned about a new computer network that could link lots of stuff together and they're calling it the World Wide Web and watch how we put a camera on the coffee pot two floors up and can view it on the web to make sure there is coffee in the pot before we waste time climbing stairs only to discover an empty pot.

Then there was the time I didn't go to Rome - why would I go to Rome? There is no collider in Rome! I went to almost Rome which was an almost city in some mountains about 100 Kilometers outside of Rome. Deep in those mountains is guess what? A particle collider of some sort. So my then-husband disappeared into the mountain and my daughter, who was around 2 at the time, and I stayed on top and talked to some Italian goats.

The point being that not once did anybody ever mention these magic particles. All they ever talked about was SUSY. SUSY, SUSY, SUSY and some other bozo that was missing. If you ask me, this SUSY gets around just a little too much and might want to consider her reputation just a wee bit.

But back to the magic particles. They open up a whole new realm of possibilities - don't they? If they are somehow called into existence by us thinking about them, then it seems to me that the power of prayer - (or meditation in case you're a hippie) could have something to it.

And what about the particles that know what the other one is doing? Isn't it possible that when people say they get a premonition or twins who have some unexplained connection it could be based on particles such as these? That a parallel universe is possible?

That maybe faith is important because God only exists if we believe he does?

Maybe some day this will all be explained, maybe it is beyond our capacity to comprehend. But to me, all those people out there who are so sure that religion is baloney are sounding a lot like the guy in the patent office in the early 1900s who wanted to shut it down because "Everything that can be invented has already been invented."

Dare to admit you don't know everything.


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