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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Common Sense Shows Signs Of Life

For those who have started to despair, there has been a flicker or two of hope. Arizona and Texas are leading the way.

  • Arizona passes concealed carry gun law - and claims authority to deal with illegal immigration. I used to be firmly anti-gun, but a government that doesn't take the rule of law seriously creates a situation where citizens must rely on themselves for protection. So, here's to the 2nd Amendment - centuries old, mere words on paper, and yet still the very best protection available to us as free people. Always question why certain members of society want a disarmed citizenry.

  • Texas Spanking - Now if we could just get rid of those idiotic participation trophies and get back to rewarding success. Call it like it is - don't have the guts? Just remember, all those kids you lavished undeserved praise upon are now in the work force. Some of them are building planes. I wonder if it will occur to you to tell them they get an 'E' for effort during the remaining seconds of your life as your plane falls out of the sky. There are worse things in life than hurt feelings.
One last thought: Any economist, politician or member of the business/financial community who claims they did not see the financial mess coming, should be removed from duty tout de suite unless they can prove they were in a coma during the 00s. It was obvious. All you had to do was get your mail on a regular basis, and glance at the swarms of equity loan offers boasting "Bad Credit OK". If you actually took out a loan, dealt with a realtor, mortgage broker, loan officer, you probably suffered a loss of hearing from the screaming signals of impending insolvency of any bank you may have dealt with.



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