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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dear Bill Clinton

Dear Bill Clinton,

I voted for you twice. I used to think you were a reasonable person. I defended you to anyone who would listen during the impeachment proceedings as I felt they were more about partisan politics than concern for the well-being of the nation. In fact, the last republican I voted for in a presidential election was Ronald Reagan. I voted for him only once because the first time he ran, I wasn't old enough to vote. I am telling you all of this lest you try and dismiss me as a "right-wing wacko" - for if I were one, a pretty good case could be made that I was at one point a "left-wing wacko" as well.

Recently, you made comments concerning the Tea Party movement that bothered me. Nobody has ever asked me, but I don't mind volunteering my opinion: I support them - at least in spirit because I am too busy trying to keep my family afloat to afford to devote time to attending their gatherings. Interestingly enough, nobody from the Tea Party movement as asked me for money - something I can't say for either of the established political parties from whom I receive requests almost on a daily basis.

So you say the Tea Party rhetoric could incite violence. I would like to give you a few examples of rhetoric that I think are far more likely to be the cause of violence than anything I have heard coming out of the Tea Party movement.

  1. WATCH: Bill Maher Challenges Tea Baggers To Take On Defense Spending - This is from the home page of The Huffington Post. Here, the members of the Tea Party are referred to as Tea Baggers, which is a term used to describe a sexual act involving male genitalia. The use of this term is meant to both insult and diminish the movement's relevance by using this most vulgar of terms to refer to them in so-called open political discourse. I am hard pressed to come up with a single example of another so derogatory label being openly attached to a political movement.
  2. Tea Party Fear In Europe - Here is an article written by Raymond Johansen Party Secretary of the Labour Party of Norway - I would like to call your attention to his assertion that the Tea Party is funded by billionaires: "But the grass root campaigns such as those the Tea Party Movement and AFP holds aren't bottom-up crowds, but pure lobbying campaigns financed by billionaires with a clear political agenda." Yet, he goes on to talk about the AFP - a group I have never heard of so can't comment on - but does not cite one verifiable source to back up his allegation of funding of any sort going to the Tea Party movement. I call this a hit and run smear.

    On the other hand, there is plenty of evidence of many left wing causes which are being funded by George Soros, Bill Gates, the government of Venezuela and just about every once venerable charitable foundation within the United States.
These two examples demonstrate that rather than attempting to engage Tea Party members in civilized political discourse, your party's tack has been to smear, discredit and attempt to marginalize them.

Then there are actions on the part of the Obama administration that I find horrifying. Again, I voted for Barack Obama and even donated to his campaign - on subscription.

  1. The nomination and confirmation of Sotomayor to the US Supreme court. We now have an official racist on our supreme court. I say this because she is or was a member of the racist organisation La Raza or NCLR. How would you like to have a member of the KKK on the supreme court? Read what the HON. HENRY B. GONZALEZ OF TEXAS IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES wrote in APRIL 29, 1969. He links present day La Raza with Jose Angel Gutierrez who said:

    "We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him."
    I think such a comment can be interpreted as promoting violence, don't you agree? I am asking, because I have never heard one of my elected officials denounce this little ditty. Instead, what I hear is you calling for amnesty and those who object being labeled as racist.

    Here is another article from 1969 linking Jose Angel Gutierrez to La Raza:

    La Raza gave this man a "Hero Award" in 1994. So, I ask you, Mr. Clinton, what are your plans for me and my family if you consider me to be the threat, while tacitly supporting those who would like to kill me? I am, after all, a gringo. You are too, but I guess the secret service will protect you.
  2. I sent an email to President Obama, asking him to explain why he appointed Thomas Perez to be Assistant Attorney General in the Justice Department. This guy hangs out with people who travel to Venezuela to discuss the coming communist revolution in the United States. If I am not mistaken, revolutions usually involve some degree of violence, do they not? As of yet, I haven't even received the standard form letter response that I get when I contact the White House. I have received at least 3 or 4 requests for more money, which will no longer be forthcoming.
In conclusion, I have to say I understand the frustration of the tea party folks - and I haven't read anything close to the level of vitriolic rhetoric coming from them as I have coming from your camp.

My grandfather was very anti-communist - he used to refer to them as skunks. I think part of the reason for his feelings was that he only narrowly escaped being shot by them along with the 3 or 4 thousand Bulgarian bureaucrats who were executed by the Soviet puppet regime in the 1940s. He always told me that the left are a bunch of liars and never to believe anything they say because they will say anything to get what they want. I always thought he was exaggerating, but I sure don't anymore.


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