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Friday, April 02, 2010

E-Verify - Find Out Who's Cheating

The onset of the new millennium has had a curious effect on our country; It took logic and turned it upside down and backwards. That is how we wound up fighting a war in Iraq instead of punishing those behind 9/11, why the Republican party has become the party of the working class American while the Democrats cater to billionaires, revenge seeking fringe groups and pseudo intellectuals who fancy themselves humanitarians.

That would be fine and dandy if the business of the country managed to get done - but it doesn't. Here I sit in a state with 12.5% unemployment, where every day people are losing their homes, businesses are being shuttered and the state government is teetering on insolvency - and those in charge are more concerned with the welfare of law-breaking citizens of other countries than that of their own constituency.

There was a time when logic was tied to cause and effect - people put some thought into what the real world outcome of an action would be, before proceeding with that action. It would look something like this:

  1. Importing large numbers of cheap, foreign workers will put downward pressure on wages in any sector of the economy in which they seek employment. (Simple economics of supply and demand)
  2. If the economy is not at full-employment, and a minimum wage exists, there will be unemployment - mostly among legal workers. (In a recession, there are not enough jobs to go around and why hire one legal worker at minimum wage when you can hire two illegal workers for the same price?)
  3. When politicians say illegal immigrants do the jobs Americans won't, they mean: "Illegal immigrants do the jobs the children of the politicians and their rich friends won't do because they are too busy "helping the poor in Africa", learning Chinese in China, Spanish in Spain or Eurrailing through Europe. It doesn't occur to them that there are Americans who actually need those jobs and parents who can't afford to pay for "mind-expanding summer experiences" for their children, or cough, cough, actually need the children to contribute to the family income. (The summer experiences listed above are real - I chose a few examples from people I know - all of whom are quite wealthy and fiercely liberal-democratic - and will most likely be supportive of amnesty.)
  4. Constantly proclaiming that there are jobs that "Americans won't do" makes life just a little more wretched for those whose financial situation and employment prospects dictate that they must do said jobs.
  5. Anybody forced into occupations deemed by the elite class to be beneath the worthiness of an American will feel shame, anger and frustration and will ultimately harbor resentment towards any foreign co-worker - whether justified or not (in terms of legal status).
  6. This resentment will deepen and fester as long as employment in certain areas of the economy is considered sub-standard employment.
  7. High concentrations of foreign workers will become the proxy for determining whether an occupation is American worthy or not.
  8. A general rise in anti-immigrant sentiment will occur - people will retreat into groups of other people they deem to be "like them", and soon will grow beyond national origin and will encompass other elements that make us superficially different. Religion, skin color - (an American favorite), ethnicity, favorite football team, cat people, dog people....
  9. We will become a nation stupidly divided, helpless and vulnerable.
  10. This is not in my best interest. Or yours.
Therefore, I will do the following:

  1. I will support the enforcement of the laws of this country - for everybody - no matter what their sob-story may be.
  2. I will not tolerate those who do not respect this country, its borders and its laws, customs and way of life.
  3. I will not vote for people who support lawlessness, and seek to give special treatment and benefits to a few against the better interests of the citizens of this country and every other person on the face of the planet who would like to come here but has chosen or is forced to take the legal path to do so.
  4. I will ask the businesses that I patronize whether they use the eVerify system to determine whether they are hiring only those who have the legal right to work in this country.
  5. I will check myself to see if they are signed up to use the eVerify system.
  6. By doing this, I will be on the side of fairness and justice - and will not pay attention to those who attempt to dissuade me by ridicule, fear or intimidation.


Brittanicus said...


It is time to make E-Verify, mandated for every large and small business in America. There should be no constraint on its use, and available for not only for identifying illegal immigrants in the workplace. But as its modified, with its further innovation of photo identification and other aggressive purpose. It should be adapted for use in hospitals to detect illegal alien patients and therefore chase them down for payment. It should be introduced into each state Department of Motor Vehicles for fraudulent drivers licenses and registration. There are other uses derived that would include IRS investigations, child support and much more. The American taxpayers are being deceived and while they support the 20 to 30 million illegal aliens with their families, these people are accessing taxpayer money through IRS fraud.

Each state should be aware that foreign nationals are cheating the I.R.S and the American taxpayers out of billions of dollars by using a Earned Income Tax Credit fraud with the use of fake or stolen Social Security numbers. CALIFORNIA is a SANCTUARY STATE and my guess this kind of fraud is underway in most homes of illegal immigrants. With a California estimated population of 10 million, it's inevitable that foreign nationals have are well acquainted with this nice, easy scam. Not only can they defraud the US government by filing for non-existent children, they can collect money on their children living in another country. Again, if they exist at all. There is hardly very little follow up on this situation by the limited investigators of the IRS

In South Carolina an investigation brought this large scale fraud to light. “One of the tax credit improperly claimed on a majority of the false returns was for child care expenses,” Assistant U.S. Attorney David C. Stephens “The credit can result in a refund even if no taxes were paid.”


This past week, ten illegal aliens pleaded guilty for their involvement in a $13 million fraud against the IRS. Those found guilty were Edgar Carrillo-Borjas, Miguel Angel Carrillo-Borjas, David Hernandez-Juarez, Ariana Canseco-Orozco, Maribel Juan-Orozco, Cristina Sanchez-Perez, Juan Carlos Carrillo-Roy, Carlos Carrillo-Rodriguez, all of Mexico, and Luis Gerardo Mora-Vargas, of Costa Rica.

“This is the largest tax fraud case that I'm aware of ever occurring in the district of South Carolina,” said the prosecutor “This is an extraordinarily serious case.”

Acting U.S. Attorney Kevin F. McDonald said, “Between 2006 and November 2009, two tax preparation businesses, Seguros Internacionales, operating in Spartanburg and Forest City, NC, and Poz Servicios Para Hispanos, operating in Boiling Springs, along with affiliated individuals filed more than 10,000 federal income tax returns claiming more than $22 million in refunds.”

McDonald continued, “The IRS paid approximately $13 million in refunds before criminal investigators discovered most of the returns filed were fraudulent. At least 20 people were involved in operating the scheme in which tax preparers knowingly claimed tax credits or deductions to which filers weren’t entitled.”

Brittanicus said...

A related tax credit—the Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC)—pays this person another $1126 if his or her income was less than $16000. For most families in this income bracket, the EITC check is the largest single sum of money. So Illegal alien husbands and wives often file separate returns on which both claim the same kids.” More Evidence of EITC Fraud. Illegal immigrants defrauded the tax credit program. More than one in four immigrant households received the EITC in 2000—nearly twice the 13.2 percent rate of households headed by Native Americans. And because immigrant households are larger via higher fertility, their EITC payments are larger than those received by native households according to Ed Rubenstein, the author of "The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is the largest anti-poverty program in the United States – and the most illegal-immigrant friendly."

The most distressing aspect of EITC stems from unlawful immigrants tapping into the program on a massive scale. For example, in Greeley, Colorado this year, district attorney Buck Young raided a tax filing agency to find over 1,000 fraudulent returns by unlawful workers. While they paid little or nothing in taxes, they received hundreds of thousands in bogus returns. In 2007, more than 23 million households received more than $47 billion in the EITC payments.”

Retro Housewife said...

I am sure this is just the tip of the iceberg. Here in California, we do things like provide job training for illegal immigrants - in green gardening. Yet funding was cut for schools for the blind and deaf.

Our local public library was closed.

The local paper, however, blames it on voter's rejection of an increase in the sales tax. Can you imagine raising sales tax at a time when businesses are closing down left and right?

Once I hired a lady to clean once a week. When I insisted on paying her by check, she stopped showing up. Her daughter had told me that she wouldn't get as much money from the government if she earned money- so it had to be cash.

I am not fond of helping others cheat - and I needed a record of my own - so I wrote her a check anyway. It was cashed, but never saw her again.