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Friday, April 02, 2010

The Wheel In The Sky Is In Our Loft

My teenage son is having a party at the moment. I am huddled away in my office - unofficially banned from showing my face unless there is some sort of emergency or I get really, really hungry. I think my husband took the dogs and fled to the grocery store.

Just a second ago, though, it could have been 1982 or thereabouts. Journey's "Any Way You Want It" came blaring through the walls and a bunch of girls started singing, loudly, along. For a second, I felt like I could open the door and find all of my high school friends, slightly buzzed, beer or whatnot in hand, making a spectacle of themselves in our loft.

Now the music is something I don't recognize - there is a battle of musical tastes being waged - the girls are winning - but the Journey is gone.

That's the way it goes... a glimpse of the past as the wheel in the sky reached 360, then kept on turning with a new group of still-feeling invincible youngsters about to embark on their own journey.

And for the record, I am getting really, really hungry.


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