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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bill Gates, The Proud Racist


"Students are eligible to be considered for a GMS scholarship if they: Are African American, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian and Pacific Islander American, or Hispanic American"

This begs the question of just why Mr. I am such a great guy Gates feels the need to provide scholarships for everybody EXCEPT FOR WHITE PEOPLE. Are these groups genetically inferior, and therefore operate with a permanent handicap? Does Bill Gates hate white people?

I seriously think that idiot liberals of the Boomer generation consider themselves superior to anybody with a tinge of "ethnic" and they come up with this kind of thing to show their contemporaries what wonderful, generous, fair minded people they are.

They are "helping (the permanently) less fortunate" without considering a) how bloody condescending and downright insulting this is and b) the fact that they are helping to bring race to the forefront of every aspect of society just when we were beginning to move on and not see skin color first and person at some later date, if at all.

Too bad really, because I think a society that is not hung up on skin color would have far more interesting things to talk about than just who is or is not a racist.

Isn't Bill Gates just swell? He cares about the inferior people too.



Ilene said...

With all due respect, I can understand how you would see this as Bill excluding whites so to speak as being racist. I do not believe that every person that promotes programs to give minorites opportunites is being racist against white people. I come from a mixed race back round so I see things a little differently. Let's be honest about how things really are vs how we would like them to be. Take slavery for instance,which was abolished over 150 years ago. There are those who will say that african americans are over reacting they need to stop making excuses and take advantage of the opportunites afforded them and affirmative action (A.A.) is saying they are handicapped and should be abolished. While I believe that A.A. can be used as a crutch now days, when it was institiuted it was a way for minorities especially african americans to at least have a shot at opportunites they would not have had before because of jim crow and racism. It is a dangerous thing to believe that racism is non- existent or a thing of the past. I read in the Wall Street journal that a white man with a felony record and a high school diploma has a 64% better chance of being hired or called back for a second interview than an african american man with a college degree and no criminal record. What is wrong with this picture? The fact that a white felon (emphais on the word felon) would be hired over a black college graduate (emphasis on the words college graduate) tells me we have a long ways to go with this issue. I saw this on CNN

and these children white and black were born in the last 10 years, in the 21st century yet the views on race are very clear and with these entrenched mindsets already established,they are going to carry these attitudes into adulthood and 20 years from now people are still going to wonder why race relations have not improved. If these attitudes in people about race can be abolished, there will be no need for people like Bill Gates and these programs becasue people of all races would have a fair shot at opportunites based on their ability and not their color. The problem is not Bill or anyone like him as much as it is the racism still kept alive in the hearts of people that fuel the place for these programs.If there is no fire, there is no need for firemen.

Retro Housewife said...

IIene, Thank you for your comment. You are right that racism still exists in this country; to a certain extent it will always exist as it is part of human nature, humans of all colors.

I acknowledge the moral obligation of the US to act to correct the lingering injustice still felt by American blacks due to slavery and subsequent rotten treatment. I accept that responsibility as an American despite the fact that my family was nowhere near the US when slavery was practiced here - one must take the bad with the good. Anybody who spends as much time as I have perusing old newspapers will have a tough time denying that racism against blacks was not omnipresent through our recent history.

Even though I despise any sort of "affirmative action" I feel it is justified in the case of the American black. Other races who jumped on that bandwagon are freeloaders to the detriment of those who suffered the initial injustice as well as society at large.

They may argue that their non-white appearance justifies this, but we all know that the fortunes of subsets of non-whites in this country vary drastically.

Do you believe those of Asian decent need a free ride? UC Berkeley is 54% Asian - I think they are doing just fine on their own. The same can be said for those who trace their heritage to India (and whose skin color ranges from white to very dark brown). They arrive and hit the ground running - starting businesses - totally destroying "the curve" in schools and generally getting busy carving out their slice of the American dream.

In fact, I am pretty sure the reason we don't hear more from those groups is because achieving success is very time consuming and their calendars are fully booked.

Which brings me to the main reason I despise affirmative action. I believe that it subtly instills an inferiority complex into the minds of the recipients, which in the long run will prove to be far more debilitating than the effects of remaining racism.

It is no accident that our first black president spent a good portion of his childhood outside the US, and was raised by a white mother/grandmother. What sets Barack Obama apart from other blacks is that he doesn't consider himself inferior and is not crippled by a mindset of victimization.

So, while I fully agree affirmative action is justified in the case of blacks, they would be better served if they instead told us just where we can stick it.