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Thursday, May 06, 2010

It Is Never Disrespectful To Show The American Flag

California Students Sent Home For Wearing U.S. Flags On Cinco De Mayo

I am so mad I am shaking. How dare they. All of my grandparents, my father, uncle and several cousins immigrated to America and I never saw them raise anything but the American flag. They would not have, in their wildest dreams, thought to insist on the Star Spangled Banner take a back seat to any symbol of their birth countries. This is flat out treason, and I want that principal fired.

Tolerance, my ass.

Wake up America, the enemy is among us.



Anonymous said...

It would be "disrespectful to turn the shirts inside-out"? Hello, isn't it considered disrespectful to wear an American flag as a t-shirt? OK, so it's not a real flag, just a printed image of stars and stripes; I understand that. But in that case it would not be disrespectful to turn them inside out, either. I do wonder if these kids were not all that innocent and really were wearing the shirts as an in-your-face gesture.

Retro Housewife said...

Well if they were doing it as an in-your-face gesture, hats off to those kids to have the guts to stand up for their country.

I'll bet that makes more than a few adults feel pretty wimpy seeing that mere children have the courage to push back and remind everyone which country they are in.

No matter which way you turn it, anybody who insulted by the American flag does not belong in this country.

If the school thought there might be fights because of the American flag, then they need to deal with the kids who have a problem with it. Not forbid the flag.

How very Vichy Vashy of you.