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Monday, May 24, 2010

Politicians Against The People

Something happened the other day that should scare the heck out of every single American citizen. A leader of a foreign nation denounced the citizens of Arizona, and a group of of politicians stood and applauded him. Whatever your views on Arizona's law may be, it is the result of a democratic process, and therefore should be respected as it reflects the will of the people.

Members of congress are supposed to represent the citizens of the United States, and work towards carrying out their wishes. Publicly siding with the corrupt ruler of a foreign nation against their own people is nothing short of treason, and we the American public can no longer be satisfied with calls to "vote the bums out", we need to put a stop to this while we still have the chance. Charges of treason are starting to seem appropriate.

It is not much further from where we are now to an all out dictatorship. Arizona made a decision that is fully supported by its citizens, is necessary to protect Arizona citizens, and an insidious element in our government threatens them with harm and openly sides with the enemy.

Yes, I did say enemy. The Mexican government has for years encouraged its citizens to violate the US laws and sneak into the country illegally. Friendly nations don't encourage their citizens to break the laws of neighbor countries.buycott arizona
There is something very wrong here, and if this is tolerated, it will embolden them to step it up a notch. I know y'all think I've lost my marbles, but just ask yourself how many societies saw it coming before a despot seized power and unleashed a reign of terror to subdue the population?

Do you think the Jews in Germany knew what was coming but decided to stick around anyway?

Y'all better wake up because this may be your last chance to have a say. This isn't politics. This is your life.


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cath said...

My sister lives in Arizona and does NOT support the law, but not for the reasons you might think. She works for the state of Arizona. She says there's no way police agencies can afford to do the extra work due to budget cuts. The bill doesn't address funding at all. Most of the police agencies aren't allowed overtime, so this will bog them down even more. If they enforce it, they will get in trouble for racial profiling; if they don't enforce it they will get in trouble for going against the gov's wishes.

So basically, if they get pulled over, get arrested because they don't have their papers, and get convicted for same, they get to live off the taxpayer's dime for six months with three squares and a roof over their heads, which in some case could actually be better than what they're living in now.

Basically this law is equivalent to closing the barn door after the cows got out. What needs to happen is this: A lot of Americans say that illegals are taking their jobs away from them. The illegals come over here because they know they can make more money over here to send back home. Prosecute the business owners who are hiring the illegal aliens and make it an enforceable crime to hire anyone illegal. Then there won't be any jobs left for the illegal aliens. No work, no reason to come over here.

Retro Housewife said...

Yes, you are absolutely right. The illegal immigrants themselves are just a symptom of the real problem.

The real problem is that various, diverse sets of greedy $#&@^^@s are making boatloads of money off of this situation, which is why there is so much energy put into demonizing those who try and put a stop to the lawlessness. (And shameless exploitation of poor Mexicans - I don't buy for a minute that they care about the little guy - if it weren't for the money, we could build a fence out of the skeletons of dead Mexicans who didn't survive the journey and nobody would say boo.)

As awful as that sounds, it has an actual foundation in reality - when one considers the thousands of murders that take place on the Mexican side of the border which nobody seems to care about.

The National Council of La Racists is only concerned with their welfare once they are here.

Personally, I see the AZ law as step 1 in bringing the issue into the light of day so we can have a real debate, do some housecleaning of our own and then figure out what to do about the gang of criminals south of the border that are often referred to as the Mexican government.

Public opinion here needs to change such that businesses and PEOPLE who hire illegals become the scourge of society.

This country can forget having any sort of social safety net as long as this travesty is allowed to continue.

The democrats should be fighting illegal immigration tooth and nail, and the republicans should be for more liberal movement of labor - as it is good for profits.

It is all messed up.