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Thursday, May 13, 2010

State Senator Sylvia Allen Responds To SB1070

I am publishing this here because I think it is important that people hear the point of view of Arizonans who supported the law which people are trying to brand as racist. I haven't seen anything in the regular papers presenting this side of the issue, which is a travesty, so I am posting it:

I’m Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen.

I want to explain SB 1070 for which I voted yes. Rancher Robert Krentz was murdered by the drug cartel on his ranch a month ago. I participated in a senate hearing two weeks ago on the border violence, here is just some of the highlights from those who testified.

The people who live within 60 to 80 miles of the Arizona/Mexico Border have for years been terrorized and have pleaded for help to stop the daily invasion of humans who cross their property . One Rancher testified that 300 to 1200 people a DAY come across his ranch vandalizing his property, stealing his vehicles and property, cutting down his fences, and leaving trash. In the last two years he has found 17 dead bodies and two Koran bibles. Another rancher testified that daily drugs are brought across his ranch in a military operation. A point man with a machine gun goes in front, 1/2 mile behind are the guards fully armed, 1/2 mile behind them are the drugs, behind the drugs 1/2 mile are more guards. These people are violent and they will kill anyone who gets in the way. This was not the only rancher we heard that day that talked about the drug trains. One man told of two illegal’s who came upon his property one shot in the back and the other in the arm by the drug runners who had forced them to carry the drugs and then shot them. Daily they listen to gun fire during the night it is not safe to leave his family alone on the ranch and they can’t leave the ranch for fear of nothing being left when they come back.

The border patrol is not on the border. They have set up 60 miles away with check points that do nothing to stop the invasion. They are not allowed to use force in stopping anyone who is entering. They run around chasing them, if they get their hands on them then they can take them back across the border. Federal prisons have over 35% illegal’s and 20% of Arizona prisons are filled with illegal’s. In the last few years 80% of our law enforcement that have been killed or wounded have been by an illegal.The majority of people coming now are people we need to be worried about. The ranchers told us that they have seen a change in the people coming they are not just those who are looking for work and a better life.

The Federal Government has refused for years to do anything to help the border states . We have been over run and once they are here we have the burden of funding state services that they use. Education costs have been over a billion dollars. The health care cost billions of dollars. Our State is broke, $3.5 billion deficit and we have many serious decisions to make. One is that we do not have the money to care for any who are not here legally. It has to stop.

The border can be secured. We have the technology and we have the ability to stop this invasion. We must know who is coming and they must come in an organized manner legally so that we can assimilate them into our population and protect the sovereignty of our country. We are a nation of laws. We have a responsibility to protect our citizens and to protect the integrity of our country and the government which we live under. I would give amnesty today to many, but here is the problem, we dare not do thisuntil the Border is secure. It will do no good to give them amnesty because thousands will come behind them and we will be over run to the point that there will no longer be the United States of America but a North American Union of open borders. I ask you what form of government will we live under? How long will it be before we will be just like Mexico, Canada or any of the other Central American or South American country? We have already lost our language, everything must be printed in Spanish. We have already lost our history, it is no longer taught in our schools, and we have lost our borders.

The leftist media has distorted what SB 1070 will do. It is not going to set up a Nazi Germany. Are you kidding? The ACLU and the leftist courts will do everything to protect those who are here illegally, but it was an effort to try and stop illegal’s from setting up businesses, and employment, and receiving state services and give the ability to local law enforcement when there is probable cause, like a traffic stop, to determine if they are here legally. Federal law is very clear, if you are here on a visa you must have your papers on you at all times. That is the law. In Arizona all you need to show you are a legal citizen is a driver license, MVD identification card, Native American Card, or a Military ID. This is what you need to vote or get a hunting license. So nothing new has been added to this law. No one is going to be stopped walking down the street. The Socialists who are in power in DC are angry because we dare try and do something. The Socialists wants us to just let them come. They want the “Transformation” to continue.

Maybe it is too late to save America. Maybe we are not worthy of freedom anymore. But as an elected official I must try to do what I can to protect our Constitutional Republic. Living in America is not a right just because you can walk across the border. Being an American is a responsibility and it comes by respecting and upholding the Constitution, the law of our land, which says what you must do to be a citizen of this country. FREEDOM IS NOT FREE.

Senator Sylvia Allen

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To All Black Americans Who have Fallen for that "People Of Color" BS, watch this "sitcom" from Telemundo - broadcast to the Spanish speaking population of the United States.

When you are ready to stop choosing who to support based on skin color, we could really use your help in defending our country from this sickening assault on our sovereignty.
Signed, Whitey.

PS, I can't help but wonder why the National Council Of La Racists hasn't denounced stuff like this... - Oh... Now I remember. Por La Raza Todos....

Things to consider:
  1. Increased cost and reduced access to trauma care. Tucson has lost all but one Level I Trauma Center to serve all of southern Arizona, in large part due to massive, unsustainable losses from uncompensated care. Auto accidents involving overloaded vans of illegal aliens happen regularly in southern Arizona. Injured are flown by air ambulance to University Medical Center’s Trauma Center and treated with state of the art care….all at taxpayer expense. SOURCE


Emily said...

Thank you for posting this. As a resident of Arizona, I am so sick of watching the media trash my State. Our law is no different than the Federal Law..we just want it enforced.

Retro Housewife said...

The media are a bunch of buffoons who couldn't think for themselves if their lives depended on it.

They somehow got it into their heads that their role is to "change the world" and promote the "cause du jour" instead of reporting the facts - presenting multiple perspectives, and letting democracy run its course.

They all think they are on the side of social justice but are too stupid to realize that the only justice to be had is when everybody is subject to the same rules.

They are also too stupid or corrupt to realize that there is some serious money behind the flood of illegal Mexicans into the US. This isn't happening by accident. Take a look at the pro-amnesty websites. They are all slick, with professional design, and all the latest technical bells and whistles.

All that costs serious money, - just do such poor, down-trodden immigrants pay for that? When has there ever been such fervor to "help the poor"?

When the puppet masters are making serious money off the backs of the poor, that's when.

Anybody seriously concerned with the plight of the Mexican poor would be screaming at the entrenched, racist power structure in Mexico.

Arizona has not only the moral upper hand, You have the guts to do something to stop the exploitation of the American people as well as the Mexican poor.

What we really should do is unite with the illegal Mexicans, help them get rid of the drug lords, corrupt Mexican politicians, and Mr. Carlos Slim - the richest man in the world -or 3rd richest, depending - so they could stay home -where most of them would rather be anyway, and live a decent life with their friends and family.

Most Californians are thanking God for Arizona right about now. I am boycotting Los Angeles, San Fran, and any other city that messes with you.

We are coming to AZ for vacation. We won't let you down.


christina said...

Thanks you for supporting Arizona RH -- you are a true patriot! Hopefully the citizens on California (my state dealing with the flood of illegals, too) with demand that US Immigration laws be enforced. What a concept. The new enacted AZ looks about right -- and is not racist by any means. other countries do not allow illegal immigration, period.


Melissa Marsh said...

Great post! I hadn't realized that there was so much violence on the border. We all need to know this important information and, as usual, the media refuses to cover it. Thanks for getting the word out!