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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mindboggling Arrogance + Stupidity All Rolled Up Into One Pete Stark

I understand that people will hold different opinions than I do. I am actually interested in hearing what other people think, and sometimes I learn something that can alter my own views. Pete Stark does not listen or think, and in this video, illustrates perfectly everything that is currently wrong in our government.

He mocks the citizens, insults them and what makes this particularly maddening, is that he is not even responding to what they are actually saying to him. He is having a dialog with a non-existent caricature of his perceived political opponents, when real, live people are trying to get a straight answer to real problems.
Instead they get nonsensical gibberish.

What a complete and total LOSER!

And I have to say, people in Alameda, San Leandro, Union City, Fremont and Hayward - is this the best you can do? This guy? I know y'all are busy running around up there in the bay area patting yourselves on the back for being so much smarter than everybody else in the country, but this guy totally blows it for you.

If you want to pull off the arrogance thing, you need somebody who doesn't hold conversations with non-entities. I am sure his blathering goes over just dandy at the organic potlucks and hippie-fests, where the only response he gets is the rattle emanating from the group of synchronously nodding pea-brains, but as soon as a few words are strung together in the form of a question, it just all falls apart.

And frankly, it is just irresponsible to let this yokel loose on the rest of us. You may not believe it, but there are problems in need of immediate attention that are not going to benefit from the usual recitation of "progressive" platitudes and subsequent Starbucks coffee order.

Big "L" on the forehead for you all up there.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Can We Please Throw Cardinal Mahony In Jail Where He Belongs?

I have a hard time understanding how this cretin is still able to slither the streets. If we as a society can't manage to purge this kind of filth from society, then we as a society are not worth spit.

We are supposed to look to the church for some sort of moral or spiritual guidance? Seriously? To me, somebody who positions himself as a figure of morality, and then knowingly allows the most vulnerable of society to be brutalized as they were, is far worse than any gangster, or drug lord. At least you know what to expect with a gangster. They don't masquerade behind a facade of wholesomeness, and pretend to be a safe harbor for the weak and vulnerable.

Cardinal Mahony knew what was going on. The perpetrator told him. And he let it continue for years. I am not a lawyer, but there has to be something to charge this guy with so that we can toss him in jail where he belongs. At the very least, he should be removed from any position of authority, and from the pulpit.

I don't know why this guy doesn't crawl under a rock and wish for the almighty to step on it, but instead insists on yapping about what is or isn't moral. If he is still to be considered a moral authority, then we should give Charles Manson a laptop and let him write a blog on morality, too. After all, Charlie wasn't there on the night of the Tate murders.


PUKE ALERT: "Immigrants are our neighbors, co-workers, students, and friends—and they contribute greatly to our nation and to our communities. Instead of being side-tracked by heated rhetoric and political posturing, all of us should take the time to open our minds and hearts to hear the actual stories of the immigrants themselves." Cardinal Mahony on his blog

"The cardinal said he didn't know their names and was under the impression they might be illegal immigrants who had returned to Mexico." Cardinal Mahony in his deposition, responding to the question of why he did nothing to locate the 5 and 7 year old victims upon learning that his priest had been buggering them. In fact, their mother still worked for the parish.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fuzzy Borders

Shouldn't we vote or something before we relinquish parts of our country to foreign powers? What happens when this area widens to include places where people live? I am thinking they are probably under the rather silly impression that somebody in authority would do something.

Can they expect a nice sign to be put up as well to warn them of the danger and advise them to leave?


Congrats To Mexico 2:0

I love the World Cup. It's spiffy good fun, and is perhaps even therapy for nations. Although I am sometimes peeved at Mexico, we're neighbors, and they just pulled off a nice little upset beating France 2:0 (France was 1st runner up from the last World Cup). So just thought I'd say Congratulations!


Hands Off The Internet!

Dear Joe Lieberman,

If you think the Internet is such a dangerous place, disconnect yourself. I don't want or need your protection. Keep your grubby hands off the Internet. Does it bother you that people have access to so much information? People think real thoughts, not just what you want them to think?

If you care so much about our safety, why do you allow millions to cross our southern border, un-screened and anonymous, free to do whatever they wish?

It's not security you're worried about, its losing control of the people that bothers you.



Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jam For Losers - That's Me!

So, remember how I said I always jump on board when the school asks if any parents can volunteer for an outing? They asked, and I jumped. This time we were off to the strawberry fields to pick berries with my son's English class which had just finished reading John Steinbeck's The Grapes Of Wrath. This outing was supposed to add dimension to the students' understanding of the book.

Before you protest the choice of fruit to harvest, strawberries and not the obvious choice, wrathful grapes, let me say that the intended goal of the trip in no way suffered, and the decision was forced by geography, the nearest grape vines being at least 60 miles away.
Moreover, we got to keep what we picked, and the thought of stomping around in a large wooden vat in my bloomers a la Lucy Ricardo just didn't appeal to me. (I also don't own any bloomers.)

What did appeal to me, was the thought of whipping up a wondrous batch of fresh strawberry jam. I envisioned giving jars of my jam as gifts next Christmas and I could almost hear the Oohs and Ahhs as everyone admired my beautiful jam and marveled at my great skill in the kitchen.

Thus we set off to a nearby strawberry patch (farm) and upon arrival, were given a quick introduction as to the dos and don'ts of strawberry picking, after which we were dispatched to the fields for the next four hours to pick berries. This may seem like a long time, but it goes quickly and at the end of the four hours, I had managed to fill up an entire flat of strawberries.

I was quite proud of my achievement until I learned that the real berry pickers manage up to 15 flats an hour. My son filled two flats so I was satisfied that we would have enough for my strawberry jam. In reality, I had no idea how many strawberries one needs to make a decent amount of jam, but 3 flats seemed like a good number to me. As it turned out, it was more than enough.

Once I got my strawberries home, (I had to drive berry carefully) I quickly discovered that I had nowhere near enough space in the fridge for 3 flats of strawberries. I managed to squeeze one in, and figured I would wash and clean the others so I could put them in smaller containers which I could squeeze into the fridge. Before I knew it, however, a day had passed and I found myself up at two in the morning washing and de-husking berries. I managed to fill a large bowl with berries.

The next day flew by as well, and was spent getting my husband packed for his trip to Europe, and when I finally had time to spend with my berries, I noticed that half of them had grown beards. I saved what I could and fed the rest to the garbage disposal.

But I still had enough to make jam, and jam I was going to make. So I got out the biggest pot I could find, and started a-mashing and a-smashing and a-stirring until I had a nice big vat full of bubbly strawberry goo.

Then it was time to start the jarring of the jam, and I had 8 brand new jelly jars at my disposal. What I didn't have, was anything else I needed: a second pot large enough to fully submerge even one jar, the special tongs to lift the jars out of the boiling water with out touching them with my grubby little fingers, patience, know-how, ability...

So I improvised a little.

Although it really didn't matter that much since my vat of goo never turned into a vat of thicker goo, so I wound up with 4 and 1/3 jars of questionably sealed strawberry syrup.

But it's the best darn strawberry syrup I've ever tasted.


Monday, June 07, 2010

The Solution To California's Problems - Part 1 Of 10,000

Ya mean I don't have to choose between billionaires or moon beams?