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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Can We Please Throw Cardinal Mahony In Jail Where He Belongs?

I have a hard time understanding how this cretin is still able to slither the streets. If we as a society can't manage to purge this kind of filth from society, then we as a society are not worth spit.

We are supposed to look to the church for some sort of moral or spiritual guidance? Seriously? To me, somebody who positions himself as a figure of morality, and then knowingly allows the most vulnerable of society to be brutalized as they were, is far worse than any gangster, or drug lord. At least you know what to expect with a gangster. They don't masquerade behind a facade of wholesomeness, and pretend to be a safe harbor for the weak and vulnerable.

Cardinal Mahony knew what was going on. The perpetrator told him. And he let it continue for years. I am not a lawyer, but there has to be something to charge this guy with so that we can toss him in jail where he belongs. At the very least, he should be removed from any position of authority, and from the pulpit.

I don't know why this guy doesn't crawl under a rock and wish for the almighty to step on it, but instead insists on yapping about what is or isn't moral. If he is still to be considered a moral authority, then we should give Charles Manson a laptop and let him write a blog on morality, too. After all, Charlie wasn't there on the night of the Tate murders.


PUKE ALERT: "Immigrants are our neighbors, co-workers, students, and friends—and they contribute greatly to our nation and to our communities. Instead of being side-tracked by heated rhetoric and political posturing, all of us should take the time to open our minds and hearts to hear the actual stories of the immigrants themselves." Cardinal Mahony on his blog

"The cardinal said he didn't know their names and was under the impression they might be illegal immigrants who had returned to Mexico." Cardinal Mahony in his deposition, responding to the question of why he did nothing to locate the 5 and 7 year old victims upon learning that his priest had been buggering them. In fact, their mother still worked for the parish.

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Emily said...

Wow, that is disgusting.