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Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Just Donated $100 To The The Arizona Defense Fund

I feel obligated to help undo some of the damage I caused by donating to the Obama Campaign. I certainly never intended to elect a candidate who sides with foreign nationals residing in this country illegally over US citizens. This makes a farce out of everything I understood to be consistent with the principles of democracy.

To those who are cheering the federal government's actions, keep in mind that it may be convenient for you to ignore their utter disregard of the will of the people, but that doesn't mean you have a choice either.

Here is the website to donate to Arizona:


My family thinks I'm crazy too, Victoria. My own sister called me a nut-job.

What Every Movement Needs, A Catchy Tune For An Anthem...quite good.


Anonymous said...

Mayor "Napoleon" Bloomberg

Mayor Bloomberg and his backstabbing cronies must have a $tupendou$ rea$on which they can't reveal for wanting a sharia-hugging mosque near Ground Zero!
But the sharia "cobra" they're toying with can quickly grow its fangs and then say "Smile, you're on Candid Scimitar and will soon be buried in a scimitary, ha ha ha!" - proving that one good backstabbing deserves another!
God-haters and America-haters may not realize how high the collective temperature has now risen in the hearts of true American patriots - many of whom are now willing to die for America right here in America if they get pushed completely over the line!
Since the nation's headquarters for treason is the White House, readers can enjoy related material if they Google "Obama Supports Public Depravity" and also Google "Sandra Bernhard, Larry David, Kathy Griffin, Bill Maher, Sarah Silverman" in addition to Googling "Obama...destined to become a black-slavery avenger."
And by all means visit Googleland and type in "Government-Approved Illegals" and "Un-Americans Fight Franklin Graham."
I hope the mayor, dressed as Napoleon, will thoroughly enjoy his mosquerade party!

A Kansas Patriot

(above found by web watcher Jonas)

Anonymous said...

This is such an on purpose slap in the face of America - to build a Mosque on top of the “graves” of 9/11. They want to open it on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, too!"

Agreed. There's no reason to even put the word "graves" in parenthesis, because the remains of many Americans still reside there. It is literally a grave site.

You'd think that any mayor of NYC would want to stop this mosque outrage, unless of course, he himself has some sort of ax to grind with America. Give it some thought. He tried to place the blame on white males for the Times Sq. bombing, conservative, middle aged, white males who hated Obama's health plan, so probably not white atheist males. When it was learned that the enemy of America, radical islam, was the perpetrator, he again attacked those same white, conservative, probably not atheist males, warning them not to 'retaliate' in any way, placing his concern of those who hate America above those who love her. So what is his ax? Globalism? anti conservative Christians? Something makes him turn on his own people.

Anonymous said...

As an Arizona resident THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I can't bear to turn on the news anymore (besides seeing Obama and Caldrom wagging their fingers at us) only to see another innocent farmer getting stabbed or police officer being shot over a routine traffic stop. The racist card is BS. This is about legalities and nothing more. Read SB 1070. It's 15 pages long, not a novel by any means. Nowhere in there does it mention race, merely "illegal immigrant". If a person brings race into it, it is their own assumption!

Anonymous said...

you are disgusting.