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Friday, July 30, 2010

Off To Arizona

I am off to Arizona to check things out for myself and attend an Immigration Policy Summit in Phoenix. So, I will be out standing with Arizona, in Arizona. Plus, I can't wait to have a real summer day what with this Global Ice Age weather we've been having all summer.

Today I was sure it would snow.

But tomorrow, I will attend various talks, rallies and events to learn more about the "issues". I have to say that I would rather not be this involved, but it appears I have no choice because things just keep going from crazy to thumb-sucking insane. So, I will get off my self-centered rear and drive to Arizona to participate in this thing called democracy which we seem to have momentarily misplaced.

That part makes it easier, because it is really a beautiful state, even if you are not wild about big holes in the ground... which are impressive, but can be hazardous if you are not paying attention. I think my favorite so far is Sedona. Quite spectacular is Sedona, despite being overrun with new-age hippies. There are some great art galleries for browsing and dreaming and all that.

The last time I was in Phoenix we went to this steak house where everybody enters through the kitchen, Mafia style. I wish I could remember the name because I would like to go there again. OK, It's late. Got to get some sleep before I drive off and get myself hopelessly lost in the desert.


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Anonymous said...

There is one restaurant, Buca Di Beppo, that you walk through the kitchen but that is Italian food. If you are looking for good steak Monti's Casa Vieja in Tempe is great and has a really cool history (it's in an old house). I really like Lone Star but it is a chain. Anyways, glad you are supporting Arizona! We're tired of fighting to protect ourselves and defend our laws. Stay away from the border towns unless you didn't want to make it home anyways! And in case you don't know where those are, the signs warning you of severe danger and the men patrolling to make sure YOU don't enter the American land (implemented by Obama for your protection) should be a dead giveaway.