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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Church Burned In Los Angeles Needs Help To Rebuild - Christians, Jews & Muslims Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is And Get This Done.

Why I am following this story: When I was in Arizona attending the conference on illegal immigration, Ted Hayes and about 20 other black people from the American Black Shield stood up in front, in the Arizona State Senate, where the conference was held and said to us "We have your back". He meant that when whites are called racist for trying to stop the invasion from the south, they are there to testify that this is not a white person issue, this is an American issue. He went on to say that our destinies are one and the same. If whites fall, so do blacks. If blacks fall, so do whites. That really meant something to me. To have people get up and volunteer their support and protection is pretty amazing. Shortly after that conference, this little church was hit by an arsonist who turned out to be in the country illegally and Hispanic. There is, at the very least, the appearance of a racially motivated crime, aka a Hate Crime, but it seems to have fallen of the MSM's radar of news worthy items. They don't seem to be interested when the victims are black and the perpetrators are Hispanic. Hypocrisy aside, this church was providing a much needed service to its local community and needs donations to rebuild - but how can it reach out to potential donors if its plight is ignored? America, Blacks are falling in Los Angeles and they need the support of their fellow citizens.

We need stuff like this like we need a hole in the head. Let's fix this.


I will post information on this as I get it... this is all I have for now.

The Church of Greater Works, Pastor John H. Edwards (323) 383-2495 - I believe that Pastor Edwards is the man who is interviewed after the local news story.

Edwards has set up a donations account at Wells Fargo Bank with a routing/account number of 122000247/863 404 7057.
The website of the Church Of Greater Works and a link to the donations page

This is the impact statement that Pastor Edwards is submitting to the court for the trial of the arsonist. (I phoned him to ask about what was happening on this case because for some reason there is nothing in the newspaper.) September 22, 2010

The physical structure of the over 100 year old church at the corner of Trinity and Washington Blvd. in Los Angeles, California provided a home to the Church of Greater Works ministry.
The ministry of The Church of Greater Works was blessed with this church in April of 2000.  The ministry of the Church of Greater Works started in 1989 as a ministry, without a structure, to offer a way up to the people of skid row in downtown Los Angeles.  From 1989 to April 2000 Pastor Edwards used vans to pick up people on skid row (adults, children and families) and take them to various churches, revivals and social outings all over the City of Los Angeles.  The homeless were not readily accepted by many congregations and Pastor Edwards realized his ministry needed its own facility to call home.  Pastor Edwards along with the help of four other ministers found this church vacant of parishioners in April 2000 and with the help of his mother and the blessing of God purchased this church to provide a home of worship for the homeless and others on skid row, downtown Los Angeles.  God provided this facility, where the homeless would always be welcomed, fed, clothed and nourished by the word of God.
Pastor Edwards has continued the ministry God set him upon and continues to pick up the homeless and people of skid row and bring them to the church for services, activities, food, clothing and in times of extreme weather, shelter.  The COGW has provided spiritual nourishment and led others to study and become ordained ministers themselves.
The loss of the physical structure of our church has left many without a meal, some of them being children.  The COGW ministered to and provided services to 35 to 40 children on a weekly basis. Since the arson, the church now sees about 8 to 10 children weekly for the Sunday service only.  The weekly Bible study and other youth activities and services are not available at this time. The Sunday school materials were destroyed by the arson, the children now receive Sunday school just a few feet down the street, on the sidewalk,  clothing children receive was destroyed by the arson.  Two-thirds of the people attending services under the ministry of the Church of Greater Works have not attended the Sunday service since the arson. Many of the parishioners that started out homeless between 1989 through the present have found their way up.
Eight and nine years ago the COGW opened its doors to two other ministries looking for a home and those ministries have been displaced. The low income family that lived in the four bedroom house, a mother and children are displaced by the fire.  Some parishioners have not returned to attend the Sunday service on the street because the church was just starting the weekly Wednesday night Bible study when the fire was set and there is concern regarding the safety of exposing their children as well as themselves to this kind of attack or worst.
The kitchen in the basement is no longer serving meals and the Sunday school is no longer filled with children loving God, studying about God, and thanking God for watching over them. 
If the court finds that Ricardo Aguilar Martinez committed arson upon our church, we the body of the church, forgive him, just as God would forgive him, yet we expect the court to sentence Mr. Martinez to a punishment commensurate to the suffering imposed upon our church.
Preliminary estimate of repairs to the destroyed properties is in excess of _$ 750,000.00.  The psychological damage to the members, followers, beneficiaries and community exceeds the bounds of restitution. 

Thank you for listening,

Local Media Coverage:
The local paper that should be covering this story is the Los Angeles Times. It is astounding that they are not interested in a church set afire while people are inside. I now read that this is perhaps racially motivated. Is this why the LA Times won't cover this story? Because the arsonist is Hispanic, and an illegal alien (in a city with a Sanctuary policy) and the parishioners are black?

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