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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Five To Twelve And Time For Tea

My blog has become political these days. I noticed that too. It is not really what I want to blog about, it is what I have to blog about. I see it like this: if the house is on fire, it makes no sense to stubbornly stand in the kitchen and do the dishes. First you have to put the fire out and make sure you still have a house to housewife around in.

The same applies for community and country. To ignore what is going on right now in our United States is the same as doing dishes while the house burns. To be honest, I am not even sure what is going on exactly or who is behind it, or if there is even an anybody rather than just an unfortunate convergence of forces set in motion long ago. But I know we are in trouble.

I don't think I have ever felt so vulnerable as a citizen of the USA. In the past, no matter whether I agreed with the politics of whatever administration held power, I always felt that the debate would remain firmly within the framework of the constitution, and that despite differing opinions on policy, our leaders, whether democrat or republican, regarded the USA as worthy and good and were striving towards greatness while disagreeing at times on the route to get there. In short, they believed in America.

I don't get that feeling anymore. The citizens of this country seem to be regarded more as annoyances to be placated into compliance, the constitution as more of a hindrance than a guide. Politicians seem more concerned with their own personal, ideological or monetary fulfillment than with carrying out their duties: to do the people's business and represent their constituency in various levels of government. On every level, in both parties, our government officials have overblown opinions of themselves and disdain for the people. In normal times this is bad, but given the economic situation and the threats we face on various fronts, it is downright dangerous.

The people who hold power don't care about you or me. They don't seem to care much about the idea of America, either. We are losing control of our borders, allowing our laws and way of life to be obliterated by foreigners here illegally who seem to have more rights in this country than citizens. We have no way to limit the number coming in, yet our courts say we must provide them social services and educate their children. When we try to defend ourselves from this enslavement, we end up trying to defend ourselves against our own government.

Our foundation is crumbling before our very eyes and new threats are popping up left and right. If you are not alert and paying close attention right now, you will soon be forced to - when everything comes crashing down around you. And won't you feel silly standing there, dishtowel in hand, with nothing left to dry but the shards of what used to be your way of life.


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jerseycityjoan said...

You are so right.

And yet we the people still have power. Why are so few of us even attempting to use it?

Although the world is more interconnected these days and we are, frankly, less able to just do whatever we want as a nation, we still have many choices available, including rethinking and changing our minds about many bad decisions we've made in the recent past.

Keep on speaking out, I love your blog.