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Friday, August 06, 2010

Not Voting For Meg Whitman

If you have been paying attention, you realize that we have basically the same candidate on the republican ticket running for governor as we have in office already. This state can't take 4 more years of appeasing the left and applying band-aids where major surgery is required.

Furthermore, there is no major difference between Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown (according to Meg Whitman) on the most important issue; illegal aliens and what to do about them.

But the real thing that gets me is that Ms. Whitman thinks she can lie to us, telling each party what they want to hear, pander to ethnic groups and then still count on stupid white people to run off and vote for her because at least she is better than Brown.

If these were normal times, I would probably do just that. But they aren't. We are at the point where most of the Great Generation is gone, and there remains only an aging Silent Generation between us and losing completely all knowledge of how to actually get things done and maintain and strengthen a civilized society. If we have to rely on Baby Boomers to resurrect America, we are finished.

So while I cannot bring myself to actually vote for Jerry Brown, I am confident in his ability to rapidly screw things up badly enough to bring us to the point where we have no choice but to put people in charge who will not shirk their responsibility to their office and the people of the State of California. People who understand that wishful thinking does not make good policy, the very real reasons why a prosperous society insists on certain standards of morality, and the commutative property of addition is really more of a law which cannot be changed  no matter how much they complain.

This is a musical representation of what California will be like under Jerry Brown.


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