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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Re: Big Mouth Feminists..

Dear Scarlett,

I found your first post. It turns out I have a "spam box" where some comments are sent automatically. I am not sure why your first post got sent there, it doesn't seem like spam to me.

I was not aware that there were separate Jewish courts in the UK. If that works for Britain, great.

I hope we never have that here in the US, the law should apply to everyone equally, is how I see it.

I am aware that there are barbaric aspects of the bible, and if there were countries in the world where this sort of Christianity was imposed upon people, I would be yakking up a storm against it, too. I have been to a torture museum in a lovely little town in Germany where I was able to gaze upon all the lovely instruments of torture our ancestors (in a general sense, as I am not Anglo-Saxon, but am joining the club for this discussion) thought up to inflict pain and misery on their fellow human beings.

Happily, in our society, we have relegated such things to the museum (for the most part), however, it was not without considerable bloodshed and suffering that Christianity "grew up". I have no desire to participate in the growing pains of Islam which is still stuck in the middle ages in the vast majority of countries in which it is practiced.

When the IRA was blowing things up in Northern Ireland and the UK, I would shake my head and wonder at the stupidity and evil at work over there. I also find it unbelievable that Catholics and Protestants can hate each other to such a degree that they murder each other. First off, how do they tell the difference?

I considered Ireland to be a backwards sort of place and never even considered visiting. This is not to say that they don't have legitimate grievances, it is just that I don't care to listen to people who plant bombs in cars to make their point.

Do I hate the Irish? Absolutely not. My very best friend in the world is of Irish ancestry, and luckily for me, the magic melting pot that we used to have simmering boiled out all of the car bombers who would have liked to practice their trade stateside.

I wear green and cook corned beef on St. Patrick's day, and think Irish pubs are just swell. But if even one car bomb goes off here in the US in the name of the IRA, you had better believe I would be screaming for us to be taking a closer look at new immigration from Ireland and demanding that Irish nationals be given special attention at airports etc.

I am none too thrilled with the gaggle of Russian spies or our new Russian mafia, either. I don't care what you look like or what you believe, just as long as you leave the nastiness at the door and respect the people who are already here. That's what my parents and grandparents did, and if they can do it, so can everybody else.

You come here with the intention of taking over, I don't like you. Simple as that. And with regards to Islam, that is what I see. I hear Islamic leaders calling me evil, screaming about killing Jews and see them hanging women for infidelity. I read about fathers and brothers murdering their daughters and sisters for being American teenagers, and a Muslim woman suing Disney because she wants Disney to change for her, instead of accepting the policy that she agreed to when she took the job. A policy that every other Disney employee follows, I might add.

So maybe you got the good Muslims over there, or maybe you have your eyes wide shut. I have no doubt that there are plenty of Muslims who are/would be fine Americans, but they are not controlling  the discussion and seem to be submitting to the nastier elements of their religion.

So, at the risk of offending them, I am going to speak out till I am blue in the face. It is up to them to demonstrate that their intentions are good, not for me to hope they are.

Because I am not going to end up running around with my god damned bedsheets over my head and they are not going to persecute anyone in the name of their stupid religion while there is still breath in my body.



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