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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Ted Hayes & America's Black Shield

I admire courage. Real courage. It can't be easy to stand up amidst a Tsunami of politically correct spewage and be the one to point out that the spewage stinks to high heaven. Ted Hayes has been doing that for quite some time now, and if you haven't heard of him, it is because the Messed Up Media probably avoid him like the plague. Ted Hayes is a black man who does not conform to anybody's idea of how a black man should think or behave.

I had the honor of meeting him this week-end. He is an original, one-of-a-kind guy. He looks Rasta, but is a conservative. He thinks illegal immigration hurts black people. He talked about the civil rights movement in the United States, about how the hard-won victories won by the black community have been usurped by the left- wing La Raza Reconquistas and are being used by them to further their agenda, while paying lip-service to the issues of the black community.

Which makes me think about that business with the black lady being fired because of being a racist, only to have it turn out that she was telling a story about her own personal journey out of the racist sludge pit and how she came to see people as people. And boy they sure didn't lose any time sacrificing her on the alter of racial retribution, yet Hispanics are constantly running around pushing La Raza (not the organization, the race) and por la raza todos yada yada. But nothing ever happens to them... and they rally under an organization that calls itself La Raza, and have the audacity to say that "La Raza" has no racial connotations.

So, I think I would tend to agree with Mr. Hayes.

But I never expected the Black Shield. Wow. The Black Shield is a group of black people who recognize that the fight against illegal immigration is not about race, it is a fight over the very existence of our Republic. Because a country without borders is not a country, and if we are not willing to defend our borders, then we are not willing to defend our country. The members of America's Black Shield are Americans who love their country and are ready to stand up for white people who are taking a beating from the invaders who are using race to silence white people into submission.

American Patriots - The Black Shield With Ted Hayes

They stood up and said, if you fall, we fall and if we fall you fall. Our fates are tied together. And they are right.

Thank you, America's Black Shield.


America's Black Shield
Shielding and defending our nation, jobs and families.

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