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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dedication - Save California Walk - Daily Diary/Day 7 and 8

This is the diary entry from the last day of Chelene Nightingale's Save California Walk

Sorry for the delay, however day 7 was not only the toughest day, but also the longest day!  We did not arrive to our final destination until around 10pm...we ate a very late dinner, then it was off to sleep.  Day 7 was the fourth (and thankfully final) day in the wheelchair.  By this day I was frustrated and wanted to just walk.  The trek was the longest miles in one day and also the most dangerous roads of all the days.  We actually had a couple near accidents and even people stopping to say this is dangerous.  For me the highlight was seeing the "Galt, CA" sign.  My first words.."Where is John Galt".  We took photos underneath the sign.  The sign was another reminder of why we took this journey.

Day 8 was inspiring!!  We only had 14 miles to walk!  And I did walk!  I could not stop...I did not stop once for any break...I was in a tremendous amount of pain, so I needed to remain focused and determined.  Stopping would have taking me out of the "zone".  By this day Charles and Chris were also in pain.  In fact Charles went to urgent care after the walk.  Alicia, who wore walking sandals for the journey was in the best shape!  I wore walking sandals on the final day.

This was also the day we received the most support from motorists and pedestrians.  People were delighted to see another choice and were very encouraging.  We had many, many thumbs ups and hugs!  Thank you Sacramento!

Many people joined us for the walk..some just walked the last mile and others walked the entire 14 miles.  Thank you to each of you!  We were interviewed by ABC, NBC, Sacramento Bee, and News With Views.

Thank you to everyone for caring enough to be at the Capitol when we arrived.  Charles, Alicia, Kris, and I each spoke and felt such a personal sense of accomplishment!  We did this walk to give hope to Californians, but there was actually one person who gave the three of us hope.  A homeless man insisted on giving us a $5 donation.  We each were moved by his actions...he would not keep his money....we tried to give him his money back and he would not take it. He was thankful for the stand we were taking, so a few miles later, we gave the $5 to a homeless woman.


My feet are still sore, but I would do this all over again!!



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