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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Note: Back in the day when I was working on my MS in Economics at that ultra-right-wing bastion of conservatism called UC Santa Cruz (yes the one with no grades and a banana slug as a mascot seen on the T-Shirt worn by John Travolta in the movie Pulp Fiction), one of my favorite professors was a developmental economist. So, I took a class or two on the topic. Back then, before the progressives had fully taken over the democratic party and the media, nobody who expected to be taken seriously would ever advocate immigration as a means for alleviating world poverty. The problem is just far too immense.

In fact, the solution, as true today as it was back then, is helping people improve their circumstances where they live. The main obstacle to doing this, however, is usually an entrenched regime that benefits greatly from the plight of its citizens and has not only no motivation to enact reforms which would benefit the population, such reforms are, or are perceived to be a threat to their own wealth and power. So they do everything in their power to derail true reform. Mass exodus of the poverty-stricken population is encouraged as it tends to prevent pressure from building up to the point where the people rise up and overthrow the government.

Mexico is a perfect example of this. Mexico is not a poor country, the richest man in the world lives there, and controls about one-third of the Mexican economy all by himself. The biggest industrialist tycoons in the US never even came close to this. Think about that when you are voting for open borders candidates like Barbara Boxer; the ones you are truly helping are the super-rich Mexicans and the drug cartels.


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