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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Machete - An Ugly, Obvious Propaganda Flick Made To Incite Violence

This is the last movie with Robert De Niro I will ever watch. What an ass. He makes a fortune off the American public and then turns around and spits on us by participating in this cheap, pathetic hate-flick. Other Hollywood stooges and puppets for an unnamed evil include: Steven Segal, Jessica Alba, That incredible twit extraordinaire Lindsey Lohan, (jail is a good place for her) and the obnoxious one from Lost.

Besides an absurd amount of violence, which makes it annoying to watch, it is just a poorly made propaganda reel. Leni Riefienstahl it's not. Here are a few highlights of how Americans are portrayed.

  1. Men who are supposed to be the Minute Men, shoot a pregnant woman in the stomach as they laugh, make nasty comments and then shoot her young husband.
  2. The obnoxious one from Lost makes statements referring to a "warped sense of justice" of those trying to protect our borders.
  3. The apparently stupid Jessica Alba who at first plays an uptight border patrol agent who realizes how wrong she has been "turning in her own people" after the obnoxious one recites a few lines off the Raza Rant. Jeepers Jessica, if you are so concerned with the welfare of your people, perhaps you should make a movie that exposes the corruption and racism in Mexico that is the reason these people are wanting to leave by the millions. That is usually considered to be a problem by caring individuals such as yourself.
  4. No white person appears in the movie who isn't the worst of the worst racist, arrogant buffoon.
  5. Except for the white women who are merely sex crazed whores.
If it wasn't for the current political climate and tense situation, this movie wouldn't be worth mentioning. As is the nature of propaganda films, this movie was made with a specific purpose in mind. That purpose is to enrage the illegal alien population and incite them to violence against whites. The movie isn't good enough to be intended for entertainment purposes. (After 45 minutes it just got repetitive and boring, so we watched something else.) If it should come to violence, De Niro et al should be hauled off to jail not unlike if they yelled fire in a crowded movie theater when there was no fire.

Here is a page out of the plan for the retaking of Aztlan i.e. Southwest US written by a Professor Navarro at a certain UC Campus - Just in case anybody starts to fall for the propaganda. Just check and see if your house is actually in Aztlan before you start feeling sorry for poor Mexicans.
What I really want to know is who plays Hitler to Robert Rodriguez's (poor quality) Leni Riefenstahl?


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