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Monday, September 27, 2010

Mill Valley Tea Party - Yes That Mill Valley - In The SF Bay Area

My mother, an avid reader of the LA Times, informed me once again today that the Tea Party people are extremists. It is very hard for her to accept the notion that the Free press is no longer a trustworthy source of news and are doing their best to ignore and malign the Tea Party.

They published an article yesterday apparently talking about new groups that are springing up "because they are sick of all the extremists in the Tea Party". Translation: "Jeepers comrades, we can no longer ignore the anger of the bourgeoisie, let us do our best to pacify them by coming up with new, non-extremist groups that do not threaten our plans". If they actually do exist outside the imagination of the LA Times, then I say, "Congratulations! Welcome to the democratic process!"

The LA Times has a columnist who accused the original Boston Tea Party of trying to frame Native Americans for the great tea toss. There's a guy who loves his country. Note to Native Americans - you should be at the tea parties, you should be hosting tea parties - especially those tribes who have found wealth and independence from the government opium drip. You are now a threat to the "progressives" who will not shirk from putting someone with matching skin color in place to claim that indiginous peoples have "retaken their land" and therefore there is no longer a need for reservations and by the way hand over all that money.

Just take a real look at what is happening to black Americans in places like Los Angeles. Black Americans are showing up at tea parties, despite all the alleged "racism" harbored there. Realize that any time more than two or three white people happen to be standing together in a group, the newspapers of this country scream "racists".

California's Other Option For Governor - Chelene Nightingale offers Californians a real choice - Meg Whitman spends a lot of time telling Hispanics she isn't really different than Jerry Brown. She also thinks Van Jones is great and campaigned for Barbara Boxer.

They sure look extreme, don't they? Tea Party in Mill Valley, California.


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