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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ventura, California - Vote No On Measure H

Measure H: To maintain/improve academic programs including reading, writing, science and math; fund computer technology, music and arts; retain highly qualified teachers and minimize class-size increases; shall Ventura USD raise $4.5 million per year for four years through a parcel tax at a rate described in the voter pamphlet, provided there is independent citizens’ oversight, senior exemptions, and all funds are spent on neighborhood schools and cannot be taken by the State and used elsewhere?

I support public education in principle. If we want to save our public education system, those that administer public schools need to understand that we live in a world of limited resources, and budget within those means. I am tired of paying thousands upon thousands of dollars in property taxes, state income taxes, sales taxes, usage fees, along with the small print taxes that are attached to every single utility bill, only to have that money squandered instead of being used for what it was intended. Then, the Board Of Trustees show up again, hat in hand, proposing a very specific tax for "our children" and counting on their propaganda machine to spread the sob story of schools with leaky roofs and 500 children sitting on cold, damp floors taking notes on scraps of tree-bark and using their own blood as ink.

My son is a senior in high school, and it is very important to me that he get a quality education, so I would like for there to be money available for things they want to pay for. It has become clear to me, however, that giving these people more money, only serves to embolden them in their squandering pursuits. As far back as I can remember, teachers have been "buying classroom supplies out of their own money" - poor little teachers - yet no matter how much we give them, they never buy any glue or pencils.

What they do buy, however, is power. The $1 Million spent by the teacher's union to fight Prop. 8 would have gone a long way at OfficeMax. Not to mention the gall of using taxpayer's money against them (and it is our money, collected as "dues" from teachers) or the $28,000,000 the Teacher's Union has spent on the traitor Barbara Boxer's campaign. See? Right there would have been all the money to pay for the programs they have listed.

The teacher's union fights every effort to close the flood gates from Mexico, and as a result, we are now having to pay to educate Mexico's children. In the last 10 years the proportion of Hispanic children in California schools has grown to now exceed 50% of all public school children. They outnumber whites by more than 1 million. Does that sound racist? I agree. See the thing is, that American children of Hispanic descent are the same as American Kids of Whatever descent in their deserving of a quality education. I would love to be able to say X% are foreigners here illegally, as quite a few are, but we are not allowed to know that information. The teacher's union and leftist groups posing as "Hispanic Interest" groups put up a huge fight when such questions are asked. All that we get to know, is how much more money we should pony up.

In prior years, I always voted yes on anything school related. As a reward for this, the once top-of-the line California public school system is now competing for last place in the country. You want more money Ventura Unified School District? Throw the Union OUT. I will never again vote for another dime for public schools as long as those crooks are able to get their hands on it. Why throw good money after bad? My one regret is that I didn't send my son to private school as I did my daughter. She now attends Columbia. I will forever have to live with the guilt of the disservice I have done him. But I am sure as heck not going to aid and abet those thugs any longer.



usjustice4all said...

I can't even add anything to it. It is what I have been ranting about for years, that and I don't need multiple identical fliers from the District office and I don't need to read everything printed twice in two languages. They have most of us working to much to go out and get signatures to change this. I figured the avg Teacher in CA makes $180 an HOUR for what time they actually work.

JohnJ said...

The thing conservatives have never understood about public schools is this:

The purpose of public education is not to educate YOUR child. The purpose of public education is to educate YOUR NEIGHBOR'S child.

Once you accept this fundamental premise, and understand its wisdom, your political landscape changes.

The Wall Street sharks who want to get their hands on public money are demonizing teachers unions, destroying public trust in school administrators and convincing voters to starve the public system until it fails.

Then they waltz in with their charter schools, minimum-wage teachers and computerized instruction systems... and walk away with your money in their pockets.

It's not gonna happen in Ventura. I'm voting Yes on Measure H.

BTW. I am not a teacher. I am a homeowner, and my kids have finished public school and are now in college.

Retro Housewife said...

Dear John J. I am not a teacher, I am a parent and have had two kids in the VUSD. I myself am a product of the Goleta Valley Union School District, 35 miles up the road. My mother was a teacher in Oakland in the 1960s and in Santa Barbara as recently as 10 years ago - she is now retired but still teaches piano, my sister is a substitute teacher, my father was a professor at UCSB. My Grandmother was a teacher in Carmel, California for 20 or so years. She taught Russian and Latin. My Grandfather headed up the Slavic languages institute in Monterey, CA.

My daughter attended Cate School in Carpenteria for the last 3 years of high school and is now at Columbia.

The lowest degree in my entire family is a BA, most of us have more than one degree.

If you count the languages spoken in my childhood family and my own family spoken fluently by at least one member, you would count 5. I mean fluently, not 2 or 3 years of classes in school.

There is not one Wall Street shark in our family anywhere to be found, and you can say teaching and education are not foreign concepts to me.

What the unions have done to our public school system is criminal. I don't even view them as labor unions anymore, they are a Mafia style PAC with their own agenda, which has little to do with educating children.

Wall street has nothing to do with this. It is the various teachers' unions that have one goal and one goal alone: to siphon as much money out of the system and amass as much power for themselves as they can. Their excuse and cover for doing this is "educating children".

I have always been a proponent of public education, and having watched the school system deteriorate for the last 30 years, I know that to save public education, those running it must have providing a quality education as their first goal. If you believe this to be true of the unions, you need to have your head examined. It is obviously not the case.


Retro Housewife said...

Remember how California voted to get rid of wasteful and ineffective bilingual education back in 1998? Prop. 227 passed 61% to 39% in favor of eliminating bilingual education.

This is being fully ignored by the schools we pay for:

When my son attended Citrus Glen elementary school, it had two principals. Every piece of paper printed by the schools is translated into Spanish. How much does that cost?

How many Mexican citizens am I paying to educate? Why isn't this Mexico's responsibility?

This school is mostly Spanish only speaking. It is also where a lot of the resources are going.

How much money is being wasted on "Green energy"? I am not against renewable energy, but why is this coming at the expense of education? That is somebody else's agenda at work, because they think the public is stupid enough to keep handing money over to the schools "for the children".

Anonymous said...

I am a reporter currently working on an article concerning Measure H. I also left a comment on the Before It's News site. Would you be available for an interview? If so, please contact Emma at Thanks.

Retro Housewife said...

I replied to your email, but it bounced back as does not exist. Emma at