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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Why Christine O'Donnell Won - Boomers, Meet GenX

I just watched Christine O'Donnell give a speech, and now I know why she won and why just about everybody who is part of the establishment is trying to smear her. They must be shaking in their boots, all that common sense coming out of somebody with a microphone.

I am sure she has her faults and is not perfect, but so do I and neither am I. That's OK with me because all I really want my elected officials to do is take care of business and represent me and my fellow citizens, so that we may have a say in how things work. You know, like it is supposed to work.

I don't want my representatives to feel obliged to be the next Ghandi (turned Ghengis Kahn). I don't want to be led anywhere, I can figure that out on my own, and so can most people if left alone to get on with business. For those who can't, I don't mind lending a helping hand, as long as it is appreciated. It is really that simple, but Christine O'Donnell seems to be one of the few in politics who get that.

Common sense provided by the generation which is no longer putting up with the baloney the baby boomers keep trying to feed us. Gen X.


PS. California has a Christine O'Donnell, too!

Add this to the list of why we are throwing the bums out.  Top to bottom, bums out. Watch this video. These poor protesters. Who ARE YOU that uses people like this? Show yourself you COWARD!

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