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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Chelene Nightingale Vote Tally + 1

My mother was over for a visit today and we were discussing the upcoming elections. My poor mother still thinks the democrats are democrats - people who care about the working class. However, on the topic of governor, we both agreed that voting for Meg Whitman the liar is just plain dumb, and my mother said "well you know, Jerry Brown wasn't a very good governor the first time around, so why should he be the second time?" Then she added, "He's no Pat Brown." (Pat Brown was Jerry Brown's father, and was, according to my mother, a very good governor of California - before my time.) Then she said, "I think I'll vote for your Chelene Nightingale."

At first I thought I had misunderstood. But she said it again.

There just may be hope after all.


Now if I can just get her to realize that Barbara Boxer is the devil incarnate, I will have redeemed myself.

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